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Native American & World Indigenous Peoples Studies (NAWIPS) teaches Evergreen's Olympia campus daytime programs for undergraduates.

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2015-16 Catalog



American Frontiers, Homelands, and Empire (Ackley, Grossman)

American Frontiers, Homelands, and Empire new (Ackley, Grossman)

Bella Bella or Bust - 2014 (Y. Peterson, Aguilar-Wells, G. Peterson)

Breaking Ground 2013-14 (Y. Peterson)

Health Inequity: Telling the Story and Changing It (Anderson, Rains, Blewett)

Tend and Tell: Developing and Interpreting an Ethnobotanical Garden (Eloheimo)

Law and Outlaw: Personal Identity and Social Control in the United States (J. Unsel, A. Young)


American Indian Sovereignty: Competing Contexts  (Ackley, Gomez)

Creating Community and Health Through Gardens (Eloheimo)

Even When Erased, We Exist: Native American Women Standing Strong for Justice (Rains)

Fiber Arts, Installation Art, Native American Studies, Creative Writing, Poetry, and Multicultural American Literature (Tremblay)

Native Americans Defining Their Own Reality in Art and Literature (Tremblay)

Reality Check: Indian Images and [Mis]Representations (Rains)

Student-Originated Studies: You Can't Handle The Truth (Y. Peterson, G. Peterson)


Defending Mother Earth: Science, Energy and Native Peoples (Rains, Sunderman)

Justice: A Relationship of Reciprocal Respect (Y. Peterson, Arney, Rutledge)

Laws/Policies of Indian Education and Indian Child Welfare (Y. Peterson, G. Peterson)

Listening to the Land (Rains, Whitesell)

The Meaning of Difference (Gates)

Museum or Mausoleum? The Framing of Art, Culture and Neuroplasticity (S. Williams, Evans)

Native City: Histories, Policies and Images (Ackley, Gerend)

Salish Sea and the Pacific Northwest: Lives and Landscapes (Rains, Baldridge, N. Anderson)

Student-Originated Studies: Revitalizing Community (Grossman)

Gender, Race, and Consumerism in U.S. History (Ackley)


Native Decolonization in the Pacific Rim: From the Northwest to New Zealand (Ackley, Grossman)

Mount Rainier: The Place and its People (Antonelis-Lapp, Dobbs, Harrison)

Reality Check: Indian Images and [Mis]Representations (Rains)

Visions and Voices: Culture, Community and Creativity (Evans, Meeker, Saliba)

Ceremony: Relating Hospitably to the Land (Y. Peterson, Nakasone, Rutledge, G. Peterson)

Applied Research: Biomass, Energy, and Environmental Justice (Whitesell)

Individual Study: Fiber Arts, Non-Western Art History, Native American Art, Creative Writing (Tremblay)


American Frontiers: Homelands and Empire (Ackley, Grossman)

Native American Knowledge and the Power of History (Rains, Francis)

Social Work/Human Services Skill Sets (G. Peterson)

Spirituality: The Eyes of the Unknown (Nakasone, Rutledge, Y. Peterson)

Tend and Tell: Developing and Interpreting an Ethnobotanical Garden (Eloheimo)

Women's Studies: Native American Women in the 20th Century (Rains)


American Places (Ackley, Schrager, M. Smith)

Conceptualizing Native Place (Evans, Grossman)

Food, Place and Culture (Grossman, Rosemeyer)

Native Studies: Indigenous Americans Before and After Columbus (Rains, Bruner)

Persistence: A Study of Inspired Work (Nakasone, Rutledge, Y. Peterson)

Shifting the Lens: Race, Class, Gender and Power Beyond Black and White (Rains, Herbison)

Social Work/Human Services Skill Sets (G. Peterson)


American Indian Sovereignty: Competing Contexts (Ackley, Gomez)

Family: Inspiration of Significant Others (Nakasone, Rutledge, Y. Peterson)

Introduction to Environmental Studies: Native Identities, Ecology and Resources in the North American Pacific Basin (Henderson, G. Peterson, Gaul)

Native Decolonization in the Pacific Rim (Grossman, Rains)

Individual Studies: Topics in the Social Sciences and Native Studies (Rains)

Reality Check: Indian Images and [Mis]representations (Rains)


Art, Media, Praxis (Feddersen, Meeker)

Heritage: Self-Identity and Ties to the Land (Nakasone, Rutledge, Y. Peterson)

Women's Studies: Native American Women in the 20th Century (Rains)


American Frontiers: Critical Histories (Ackley, Grossman, Pfeifer)

Reconciliation: A Process of Human Balance (Nakasone, Rutledge, Y. Peterson)

So You Want to Be a Teacher? Exploring Issues of Development, Learning and Schooling (Bruner, Rains, Sugiyama)

Indigenous Peoples and Ecological Change  (Rains, Thuesen)

Anti-Indian Movements: Origins, Images and Responses (Grossman, Ackley)

Individual Studies at Evergreen (G. Peterson, others)


American Places (Ackley, Schrager, M. Smith)

American Indians and the Constitution (Gomez)

Colonialism, Indigenous Education and Native Art: The Historical Power to Define and Represent (Rains)

Patience (Nakasone, Rutledge, Y. Peterson)

Self Determination, Indian Education and Native Art in the 20th Century  (Rains)

Reality Check: Indian Images and [Mis]representations (Rains, Freeman)


Art in the Americas: Indigenous Identity, Mestizaje and Cultural Hybridity (Tremblay, Fernandez-Sacco)

Recognition: The Politics of Human Exchange (Nakasone, Rutledge, Y. Peterson)

Sovereignty: Reclaiming Voice and Authority (Ackley, Shariff, M. Pavel)

Student Originated Studies: Native American Studies (Ackley, M. Pavel)


Respect: A Process of Universal Humanity (Nakasone, Rutledge)

Seeking Justice: Reclamation, Equality and Restitution (Ackley, Bohmer, Niva, Blewett)


Welcoming the Unknown (Ackley, Nakasone, Clairmont)

Cultural Resource Management: Scope and Promise (DeDanaan)


Indigenous Peoples: Identities and Social Transformation (Minugh, Ackley)


The Quickening of the Nations: Indigenous People Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow  (Minugh, A. Parker)


Regeneration: A Celebration With the Land (Minugh, A. Parker)