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Native American and World Indigenous Peoples Studies (NAWIPS) encompass interdisciplinary undergraduate programs on the Olympia campus. The on-campus, 1-3 quarter programs (courses) apply indigenous perspectives to Native Studies and examine the effects of European/American social values and structures on Native history and contemporary life. NAWIPS curriculum focuses on the vitality and diversity of Native nations, and respects the value of indigenous knowledge. It examines the global effects of colonialism, the unique treaty relationships between tribal nations and settler governments, political decolonization and cultural revitalization in the contemporary era, and the responsibilties of non-Native neighbors and allies in this process. NAWIPS programs focus on the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest, the Americas and the world.

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Native Programs Faculty

tall cedar treesKristina Ackley
Lab I 1011
(360) 867-6020

Gary Peterson
Lab I 1008
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Zoltan Grossman
Lab I 3012
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Frances Rains
Sem II C4104
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