Longhouse Education and Cultural Center

The House of Welcome

house of welcome in Puget Sound Salish

"House of Welcome" in Puget Sound Salish

The Evergreen State College’s Longhouse Center is the first building constructed on a public campus that is based on Native American tradition — a physical embodiment of Evergreen’s commitment to our partnerships with tribes. The Longhouse exists to provide service and hospitality to students, the college, and the surrounding Native communities. With a design based in the Northwest Indigenous Nations' philosophy of hospitality, its primary functions are to provide a gathering place for hosting cultural ceremonies, classes, conferences, performances, art exhibits and community events. The Longhouse provides the opportunity to build a bridge of understanding between the regions' tribes and visitors of all cultures. The primary public service work of the Longhouse is to promote Indigenous arts and culture. It does so through continuing programs such as Native art sales and symposia,  Native Arts Marketing Service, an Artist in Residence Program, and  Native Creative Development Program. It also hosts gatherings of Native artists, including basketweavers, woodcarvers, and Pacific Rim visual artists.

"House of Welcome" Longhouse Education and Cultural Center

Tina Kuckkahn (Director)
Longhouse 1102
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Laura Grabhorn
Longhouse 1102
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