Evergreen Multicultural Scholars Program

A student centered learning and community-building program designed to empower and prepare you as a multicultural scholar at Evergreen.

The Scholars Program for 2018-19 is now full. 


Get ahead of the game

You’ll arrive to campus one week early, meet your new community, and earn 2 credits toward your degree. If you plan to live on campus, you can move in early, too. 

Gain genuine connections

Build a foundation of cultural awareness that will enhance your success at Evergreen. Connect with other new students who are ready to address issues of race, diversity, equity, privilege, and allyship.

Afternoon session

Make it matter

You’ll gain a strong sense of your academic path, connect with faculty, and make friendships that will last a lifetime. 

This program is designed by and for People of Color and LGBTQ people. If you share these identities you’re highly encouraged to apply!  These programs will fill up early. June 1st is the priority deadline. Have questions, please feel free to ask! 

First offered in 1997, the Evergreen Multicultural Scholars Program introduces incoming students to the Evergreen academic model, provides opportunities to put their learning into practice while exploring vital contemporary issues, and encourages them to build connections with other equity-minded students, faculty and staff.

The program is open to new first-year students and new transfer students. Students who complete the entire seven-day program, participate in a New Student Orientation Action Day volunteer activity, and meet with their assigned faculty or staff mentor at least twice during Fall quarter, will earn 2 academic credits.


Group photo

Thanks to our on-campus partners, including Residential and Dining Services, we are able to provide all instruction, meals, supplies, transportation, and early move-in for students who have a housing contract for the academic year, all for a modest fee of $250. In addition, we have several scholarships available, so if you or your family have concerns about the cost of attending the Scholars Program, we will be happy to work with you. 

Please note that although our $250 fee does not cover the cost of tuition, the same tuition applies for 10 – 18 undergraduate credits. Therefore, if you are registered for a 16-credit program, you will not be charged any additional tuition for participating in the Scholars Program.

Living in Multicultural, Legacy, or Rainbow Hall

Scholars Program connects with Multicultural Housing options on campus where you can go from our week-long program to a yearlong intentional living community on campus. Students from a variety of cultural backgrounds and multiple intersectional identities live together in a community grounded in racial justice, queer liberation, and multicultural student success at Evergreen. The aspiration for this space is to provide visibility and support for students of color in housing and campus broadly. This community will enhance the learning experiences that a student may not find in other facets of their educational pathways and will connect them to a network of empowered peers focused on community and personal growth.

Unity Lounge

If you are a new first year student and are interested in living in the Multicultural Scholars Hall Community, we encourage you to apply for and participate in the Multicultural Scholars Program. Residential and Dining Services is partnering with First Peoples Multicultural, Trans, and Queer Support Services to create a community who participate in the program and live together through the rest of the year as a cohort.

If you are a transfer student, or a first year student over 21 you can still participate in the Multicultural Scholars Program and are encouraged to apply for Legacy Hall. Legacy hall has an apartment saved for Multicultural Scholars and the Themed housing community is aligned with the purpose, goals, community, and expectations of the residents. Learn more at the Legacy Hall multicultural community page.