First Peoples Peer Support Program

Our Peer Navigators and Peer Coordinators work in collaboration with full-time staff to assess student needs, provide advocacy, and support students.

Peer Navigators and Peer Coordinators are trained to provide personal and cultural support. We hold space and time for you to share what you need, including:

  • Navigating coming out

  • Managing educational microaggressions

  • Finding media and resources to celebrate your identities

  • Becoming a better advocate for yourself

  • Addressing citizenship concerns

  • Getting support and advocacy to meet your needs

  • Celebrating victories and honors others might not understand

  • Finding culturally-competent medical and mental health providers

  • Honoring non-dominant holidays and traditions in community

Would you like a peer to reach out with you or want to learn more? Let us know at or stop by the lounge.

Become a Peer Navigator or Peer Coordinator

Peer Navigators and Peer Coordinators are trained as paraprofessional advisors and assist us with all of our events. They also serve as liaisons to different organizations on campus and perform active outreach activities. In addition, they coordinate events of their own, work as part of a team and serve as representatives of The Evergreen State College.

We hire every spring for the following year. The position works with your class schedule and is designed with you being a student first. These jobs are for folks with a variety of experience and interest but if you feel you’re drawn to being a change agent and community leader with us please apply.