Evergreen Contemplative Space

A space for meditation, prayer, or quiet reflection.

Sem I, Room 4115
Open Weekdays 8am to 5pm

Mission and Vision

The primary purpose of The Evergreen Contemplative Space is to provide a clean and safe meditation and prayer space for the Evergreen campus community and to support and encourage critical, self reflective practice as a foundation for developing a healthy campus community.

Contemplative Space Guidelines

All rules and regulations regarding public meeting places must be observed. This space is provided for a maximum of six individuals at a time.

The user agrees to:

  • Utilize the room solely as intended for contemplation, meditation and/or prayer.
  • Respect others’ privacy and space needs given that this is a shared public space.
  • Maintain calm and quiet while in the room.
  • Show respect for the physical as well as the philosophical aspects of this space by caring for the furnishings and returning everything to its original configuration before leaving the room.
  • Remove shoes while within the room and place them in the marked storage space.
  • Refrain from eating, drinking or smoking in the room.
  • Turn off cell phones, laptops and other electronics.
  • Help keep the room environmentally friendly by refraining from using scented products (perfumes, lotions or other scented personal care products).
  • Immediately notify staff if anything in the room needs attention by calling First Peoples Advising Services at 360-867-6467

Upon entering, please remove your shoes. Lighted or scented materials are not permitted.

Many thanks to all who have helped to make this space a reality:

Art Costantino, Dr. Phyllis Lane, Paul Gallegos, Patti Zimmerman, Talcott Broadhead, Tino Gutierrez, Paul Potasnik, Kirk Knittle, Samantha Wilson and of course, members of the Campus Space Use Committee, the Contemplative Space Group: Amadou Ba, Gloria Gaetz , Marjorie Hunt, Norma Alicia Pino, Raquel Salinas and to the many students who have come to the First Peoples office and to other offices on campus to emphasize the need for such a space.The furniture in the Contemplative Space was made possible thanks to the Student Affairs Office, the Office of Sexual Assault and Violence Prevention, the Facilities Office and the President’s Office. Special thanks to Gloria Gaetz and the Health and Counseling Office for daily care of the space.