Statistics Prerequisite

You must complete an MPA-approved statistics course before beginning coursework as an admitted MPA student. Approved courses are listed below. Proof of statistics completion must be received by September 11th before the Fall quarter of admission.

Typically, the lowest cost courses are online non-credit courses and community college courses. However, community college courses often have prerequisite requirements. Evergreen statistics courses are more expensive but do not have prerequisite requirements.

Statistics Course Requirements

Any course not on the list of approved courses below must be approved individually by the Evergreen MPA program. See the "How to Get a Statistics Course Pre-Approved by MPA" section for the review and approval process.

  • Course must have been completed within three (3) years prior to the Fall of admission, with a minimum grade of “C” (minimum 2.0 out of 4.0 grade points) if offered for credit, or other evidence of satisfactory completion as noted, if not offered for credit.
  • If offered for credit: four quarter credits (or 3 semester credits) minimum.
  • Course content must include elementary descriptive and inferential statistics, including probability, binomial and normal distributions, hypotheses testing, correlations, t-tests, and chi-squared tests.

Submitting Proof of Completion

If you take statistics at Evergreen, good news: no need to request a separate transcript. Email the contact person for your concentration with the course name, CRN and date of completion.

Official transcripts (or other acceptable official evidence) documenting satisfactory completion of statistics MUST be received before students begin their 1st year core courses in the Fall quarter.

For example, for students admitted in Fall 2020, the deadline for the MPA program to receive documentation is September 11, 2020.

For approved courses offered for credit, request a hard copy of the official transcript from the school to be sent to: MPA Program Assistant, at: the MPA Program, Mailstop: Lab 1020, The Evergreen State College, 2700 Evergreen Pkwy NW Olympia, WA 98505. Note that delays in processing may happen, so it is prudent to request an official transcript as soon as you have completed the course.

For approved online non-credit courses, submit your authenticated/ID verified certificate of achievement via email to Puanani Nihoa,

Approved Statistics Prerequisite Courses

Courses at The Evergreen State College

Not all courses are offered every quarter. See the Academic Catalog for up-to-date information: choose the correct year, then on the left nav you can narrow your search using "Search by Title" (like "statistics") and filtering for the "Quarters Offered".

  • Statistics and Research Design, Introduction (4 credits)
  • Quantitative Reasoning and Statistics (4 credits)
  • Show Me the Numbers: Statistics for Social Sciences (4 credits)
  • Statistics I (4 credits)
  • Statistics and Research Methods for Psychology and Other Social Sciences (8 credits)
  • Statistics for Public Service and Managers (4 credits)

If you are not a current Evergreen student, you may take courses as a non-admitted or "special" student. If you have been admitted to the MPA program for Fall, but need to take your statistics prerequisite in Summer, you will still register as a special student. See the Registration webpages for details.

Courses at Washington state community and technical colleges

Washington State Community and Technical Colleges currently use a common course numbering system.

Any "MATH 146" or "MATH&146" course offered at any Washington State community or technical college will fulfill the MPA statistics prerequisite requirement.

The following additional statistics courses completed prior to the common course numbering system will also fulfill your prerequisite:

  • Bellevue CC: BA 240 or MATH 130
  • Green River CC: MATH 256
  • Lower Columbia College: MATH 210
  • Northwest Indian College: MATH 107
  • Seattle Community Colleges (Central, North, South): BUS 210 or MATH 109
  • Shoreline CC: MATH 211
  • Skagit Valley CC: BA 215
  • Tacoma CC: Statway sequence (recommended)

Courses at other colleges

  • Brigham Young University: Stat 121 (Principles of Statistics, distance learning only)
  • Eastern Oregon University: Stat 243 (Elementary Statistics)
  • Pacific Lutheran University: Stat 231 (Introductory Statistics)
  • University of Washington: Stat 220 (distance learning only) or Stat 311 (distance learning only)
  • University of Washington Tacoma: TBGEN 200 (Intro to Stat in Business) or TMATH 110 (Intro Stat w/Applications)
  • Washington State University: Stat 212 (Introduction to Statistics)
  • Western Washington University: Sociology 304 (Social Statistics, on-campus) or Math 240 (distance learning only)

Online non-credit courses ("MOOCs")