At Evergreen, a student's learning and progress are assessed through narrative evaluations rather than grades. Typically, at the end of a course, students discuss their academic progress one-on-one with faculty, and they receive written evaluations of their progress. Students prepare self-evaluations, discussing their accomplishments, learning environment, new understandings and goals for the future. Students also evaluate their faculty. For more information about evaluations, such as definitions, forms, examples, processes, and policies, visit the Evaluations webpage at Evergreen.

Students access and write self-evaluations and evaluations of course faculty through their my.evergreen account. Through my.evergreen you can save draft copies of evaluations, put evaluations in their proper form and print final copies (via the “Print Final” button at the bottom of the screen which also puts the evaluation in the proper form.) Login to My.Evergreen.edu and click on “Evaluations” on the left hand side. Click on the type of evaluation (self-evaluation, faculty evaluation) and then click on the applicable course title. 

According to College policy, all students must write a self-evaluation for each program, course or contract. It is the decision of each faculty or teaching team whether a student’s self-evaluation is required to be included in the student’s transcript. Even when faculty do not require it, the College supports a student's right to include self-evaluations within his/her transcript.

Students should bring a copy of their self-evaluation to the faculty/student evaluation conference at the end of the quarter. 

Another web resource for writing evaluations is the college’s Writing Center page, which provides guidelines for writing evaluations as follows below. The Writing Center also provides assistance through workshops and one-on-one consulting.