Updated 10/7/2019

The Evergreen State College offers the following deferment option to graduate students:

  1. Deferment of admission status for one year for admitted students who are not registered or have not started the program.
    1. Student requests deferral in writing to the director of the program by no later than the 5th day of the quarter.  In the written request, student provides reasonable explanation as to why they cannot attend the current term.
    2. Student submits formal request to either the Graduate Admissions office or the Assistant Director of the program; request is forwarded to Program Director.
    3. Program Director approves or denies the request.  If approved, the student must fill out and submit the graduate student deferral form. The student's application file is then reworked, reviewed and moved to the following year by Graduate Admissions.
    4. The student may take prerequisite courses or courses applicable to program electives during the deferment.
    5. Students may defer only once and must begin with the program and cohort to which they were admitted on its next start date.