Vehicle Reservations


  • 12-passenger van
  • 11-passenger van
  • 8-passenger van (same size as 12-passenger with fewer seats)
  • 2-passenger cargo van

Depending on your destination, it may be possible to rent a bus. Reserve a bus at least two weeks in advance of your trip by calling Michelle Bartlett at (360) 867-6484.

If the vehicle you want is already reserved, or isn’t listed above, we can help you arrange a rental through the Washington State Motor Pool.


Use of any Evergreen vehicle costs $82 per day plus mileage. The first 250 miles of your trip are free. After that, you’ll be charged $0.27 per mile.

We will charge a $25 fee per van/trip if you cancel your reservation less than 24 hours before the scheduled pickup.

Any fuel you buy during your use should be put on the Voyager credit card that comes with the vehicle. Read more about additional vehicle costs.

Making a Reservation

Student group reservations must be made through your Student Activities advisor. Sports-related trips should be scheduled through the Athletics office.

You may not ever use a college vehicle for commuting, personal trips, or errands. Additionally, you may not transport anyone who is not on official college business.

Get your travel authority approved before you make a vehicle reservation.

Fill out a reservation request online. You can also email the Motor Pool Coordinator, call (360) 867-6354, or visit our office in Lab II 1254.

We'll need to know:

  • Departure date and time
  • Who will be driving—all drivers need to have a use permit before you pick up the vehicle
  • Return date and time
  • Destination
  • Org code to charge
  • Number of passengers