MiT Program Overview

Becoming a teacher for social justice is a journey that takes time, practice and reflection.

Evergreen’s Master in Teaching (MiT) program explores the central question:

How can public education meet the needs of the diverse peoples who live in our democracy?

Join a supportive, learning community of 40 teacher candidates and three faculty members in an interdisciplinary program leading to teacher certification.

We learn together in an environment of cooperation and collaboration.


Know your subjects before you begin

You need to know your subject matter before you start the Master in Teaching program.

Learn more about what subjects you can teach, and what courses and tests you need to apply.

When you successfully complete the program, you will have earned both a Master's degree and a recommendation for the Residency (first) Teacher Certificate for Washington State with your endorsements.  The MiT program meets all Washington State standards for beginning teacher competence and is approved by the Professional Educator Standards Board.  The quality of our program is recognized by teachers and principals throughout Washington State and beyond.

A student teacher helps one of her students.

Christina Vernon, MiT 2014, works with students in a regional middle school.

Certification and Employment

During student teaching, you will submit your Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA). This portfolio includes video and essays to show your skills in planning, instruction, and assessment.  The edTPA is scored by outside evaluators as required by state law for certification.

During the program, you will prepare for a job search by crafting a strong resume, collecting letters of recommendation, and participating in job fairs and mock interviews. Hiring offers are usually contingent upon certification.  Our hiring rate has been over 90% for the past several years.

After successfully completing student teaching, you will complete all forms to obtain your teaching certificate.

Hayden Zabel, MiT 2018, works with high school students during his practicum placement.

MiT forced me to lay the foundation around my own values when it comes to how I approach kids and my job every day.

Karly Nelson, MiT ’03