MiT+CTE Program in Agriculture Education

The Evergreen MiT + Career and Technical Education (CTE) Agricultural Education endorsement will prepare you to teach and lead sustainable farm and garden programs for middle or high school.

Applications for 2023-24 Cohort Are Open!


Seeking CTE certification in agriculture education? Interested in the MiT+CTE Program? Apply now! Please direct all application questions to Assistant Director Luis Apolaya Torres ( 

Interested in starting or teaching in a school-based garden or farm program? The Evergreen MiT+ Career and Technical Education (CTE) Program in Agriculture Education is for you!

Ready to Apply? 

Applicants can start the program in Spring 2023Applications must be submitted by August 13, 2022.

Current Evergreen students who will be graduating in spring of 2023 have the choice to apply to the MiT+CTE Undergraduate/Graduate Degree Program, by which students can start their first quarter of the MiT+CTE program as undergraduate students. Contact Assistant Director Luis Apolaya Torres ( for information about eligibility and for the link to apply.

Applicants who have earned a bachelor's degree or will earn a bachelor's degree by Fall Semester 2022/Winter Quarter 2023 need to use the following link:


organic farm summer harvest

This program builds on Evergreen’s 40-year-old sustainable agriculture undergraduate program that combines food systems analysis and food justice with tangible agriculture practice. By completing the Mit+CTE program, you’ll be prepared to teach and lead school community-focused sustainable farm and garden programs, primarily in middle and high schools.

Overview: Agriculture Education Career and Technical Education (CTE) Endorsement

The MiT+ CTE  is a full-time dual certification program that prepares students to teach in both the regular middle school or high school curriculum and the CTE agriculture curriculum. This dual certification makes you highly employable as a teacher who can teach across the curriculum. MiT+CTE students will participate in a year-long co-teaching experience in a CTE Agriculture program with the opportunity to also work in a classroom in the regular education curriculum.

Note: Participation in this program is dependent on the availability of qualified agriculture education mentor teachers in the Olympia area who have expertise in a secondary subject. Please direct questions to Assistant Director Luis Apolaya Torres ( 

MiT+ Career and Technical Education (CTE) admission requirements for the Agriculture Education Endorsement

  • College transcripts must document undergraduate coursework in agriculture. For current programs in agriculture at Evergreen, see Evergreen's Food and Agriculture Path.
  • Evidence that 2,000 hours (one year) of verified agricultural occupational industry experience other than teaching in the past 10 years will be completed by March 2023. This includes responsibilities such as farming, greenhouse or nursery work. No experience greater than 10 years old may be used to meet this requirement. Evergreen undergraduate students are also able to acquire their prerequisite 2,000 Ag field hours as part of their undergraduate work in the Food and Agriculture Path. Please check with MiT Assistant Director Luis Apolaya Torres at regarding what might be included as part of the 2000 hours and how to document it.
  • Unofficial or official results from the WEST-E 037 exam in Agriculture Education.

Meet all MiT admissions criteria including:

  • 50 hours of volunteer or paid work with youth of K-12 age in a public school and a community-based organization setting over the last 5 years. Ideally, candidates would meet this requirement with approximately 40 hours of work in a public school setting and 10 hours of work in a community-based organization (CBO), though the hours can be split between the two categories in any way that add up to a minimum of 50 hours.
  • Attempt the WEST-B basic skills test or submit scores from an SAT/ACT test with an essay component to Evergreen.
  • Attempt an endorsement test for any middle or high school level content after checking in with Assistant Director Luis Apolaya Torres ( See the list of endorsements currently offered through MiT and their respective tests at What You Can Teach
  • Visit Apply to the MiT Program for more details about MiT's admissions criteria.

Successful applicants will demonstrate preparation in agriculture through evidence equal to 48 quarter credits in agriculture coursework, 2,000 hours of work experience reflected in a resume and attested to by employer or colleague, and letters of recommendation reflecting skills and knowledge in agriculture.

Harvesting in the Organic Farm

MiT+CTE Program Requirements

Completion of the MiT+CTE Program will earn students an MiT degree and a recommendation for both a Residency Certificate and an Initial Career and Technical Education (CTE) certificate with an Agricultural Education endorsement. To receive a recommendation for certification from the program, teacher candidates are expected to complete the following:

  • A four-credit Evergreen undergraduate course, Introduction to Agriculture Education or equivalent prior to beginning the MiT+CTE program.
  • All coursework for MiT secondary teacher candidates, as detailed in our credit map (Word). See the program overview of the MiT Program to learn more about the unique approach of MiT coursework.
  • Complete a field placement in a middle school or high school with a school farm program. 
  • An eight-credit intensive CTE summer course.

Questions? Contact MiT Assistant Director Luis Apolaya Torres at or call 360-867-6559.