Thesis Process

You will develop and complete your thesis over the course of your final year in MES.

General Timeline

  • Fall: Develop your thesis design in Case Studies and Thesis Design, get matched to an advisor, and submit your thesis prospectus.
  • Winter: Data collection and analysis. If your thesis concept requires data collection in a different season, talk to a core faculty as soon as you can!
  • Spring: Summary of interpretation of results, public presentation, and final submission. Due on Friday of Week 10.

Before you can graduate, you must finish all 72 credits of the degree and complete and submit the thesis. Your reader must also submit their evaluation of your thesis.

Submitting Your Thesis

Read the MES Thesis Handbook (PDF) (current version, updated October 2020) for thesis submission process and thesis formatting details.

You will submit a single digital copy to the MES Office to be used in library circulation through the online archives. Your thesis should be submitted over email and your faculty reader will reply to the email with their written approval in substitution of an in-person signature you would typically collect for a printed copy. You can pay for additional print copies for your personal use.


MES Academic Calendar 2020-2021

Important Dates and Deadlines

Fall 2020

Winter 2021

Spring 2021

Summer 2021: Session 1 & Full


First Day to Register for Classes

June 1

Dec. 7

March 8

May 31

First Day to Register as a Special Student (non-admitted)

June 8

Dec. 14

March 15

June 7

Last Day to Finalize ILCs

Sept. 4

Dec. 4th

March 12

June 4

First Day of Instruction

Sept. 29

Jan. 4

March 29

June 21


Tuition Due Date

Oct. 2

Jan. 8

April 2

June 25

Waitlist Turns Off at 4pm

Sept. 27

Jan. 8

April 2

June 25


Last Day to Drop with 100% Tuition Refund

Oct. 2

Jan. 8

April 2

June 25


Last Day to Register without $50 fee

Oct. 4

Jan. 3

April 4

June 27


Instructor Signature Required to Add Classes

Oct. 5

Jan. 4

April 5

June 28


Late Registration with Petition and $100 fee

Oct. 12

Jan. 11

April 12

July 5


Last Day to Post Undergraduate Research Positions

Oct. 19

Feb. 8

April 19

July 19

Last Day to Drop with 50% Tuition Refund & 100% Fee Refund

Oct. 26

Feb. 1

April 26


Petition for Policy Exception (PPE) Required to Drop Class

Oct. 27

Feb. 2

April 27

July 27


Thesis Readers Assigned

Week 6




MES Thesis Prospectus Poster Presentations

Week 9




MES Thesis Presentations

Dec 1 & 3

Week 9


8 & 9

Sept. 7 & 9


Last Day to Submit Request to Extend/Present Thesis Research

Nov. 2

Feb. 8

April 30

Aug, 23


Last Day of MES Instruction

Dec. 11

March 11

June 3

July 30


Thesis Submission Due Date

Dec. 11

March 19

June 11

Sept. 4


Evaluation Week

Dec. 7-11



June 7-11

1st Session ONLY: July 26-30, 2021


Graduation - Main Commencement

Friday, June 11th, 2021

MES Hooding Ceremony Saturday, June 12th, 2021