Master of Environmental Studies Faculty & Staff

 Kevin Francis, Program Director

Kevin Francis, Director

Member of the faculty serves as the program’s director.

Phone: (360) 867-5831

Email: Kevin Francis

 Andrea Martin

Andrea Martin, Assistant Director

An MES alumna (2013), Andrea provides assistance and direction for prospective and current MES students. Contact her with your questions about program curriculum, job and internship opportunities, and for help with the admissions process, registration, and much more.

Phone: (360) 867-6225

Email: Andrea Martin

Student Employees

Trudy Rubick, Program Assistant

Current MES student of the 2018 cohort, Trudy supports the program as another point of contact. She is here as a resource for current and prospective MES students for information regarding jobs, internships, events and overall program inquiries.

Phone: (360) 867-5940

Email: Trudy Rubick

Student Ambassadors

These current students are available to talk to you about their experiences in MES or to show you around campus. They attend info sessions, represent MES at local events, and meet with prospective students individually. To contact an Ambassador email them at

To learn more about our ambassadors, check out the Ambassador webpage.


Core and Adjunct Faculty

Our core faculty are dedicated to teaching Environmental Studies at the master's level. Our adjunct faculty are working professionals in the field. Together, they give you individual attention with a balance of theory and practice.

The core faculty listed below are those who you'll come to know over the course of your studies. They teach full-time in MES. All of them are available to any MES student for advising and project work. Eventually, one of them will become your thesis advisor. You do not need to find your own faculty advisor before you start.

Our adjunct faculty often also serve as ad-hoc advisors, although they may vary from year to year. Because they come from the professional world, they provide great advice for you and your future career.

Core Faculty

Title Email Location Phone
Kevin Francis
Director - Graduate Program on the Environment & Faculty Lab I 3018 (360) 867-5831

Shawn Hazboun
Faculty Lab I 2016 (360) 867-6084

Kathleen Saul
Faculty Lab I 2026 (360) 867-6511

Tyrus Smith
Faculty Lab I 1016 (360) 867-6665

John Withey
Faculty Lab I 2013 (360) 867-6675

EJ Zita
Faculty Lab II 2272 (360) 867-6853

Adjunct Faculty

Title Email Location Phone
Sarah Hamman
Faculty (360) 867-6225

Andrea Martin
Asst Dir MES Lab I 3022 (360) 867-6225

Timothy Quinn
Faculty (360) 867-6225

Michael (Mike) Ruth
Faculty (360) 867-6225