Profile: Paige Anderson, 2017

I didn’t grow up in one place—I was born in Port Angeles, and moved around to various parts of Washington and Oregon before spending the last four years in Bellingham, Washington.

Paige Anderson

So basically I don’t call one city home; I’m from the Pacific Northwest in general.

There were a million aspects of Evergreen that made the MES degree my first choice. Most of all, I was enticed by the eco-conscious, open-minded culture of Evergreen and the gorgeous landscape surrounding it.

In this program I hope to gain new perspectives and a greater scientific understanding of the world around us. I want to find a way to intersect all of my interests into a lifelong passion that I can gain inspiration from every day. GIS, environmental policy, bioregional ecology and identity, and natural resource management fascinate me.

We’ll see what the job market is like two/three years from now, after earning my MES degree, but I would LOVE to work in governmental ecosystem management!

Outside of school and work I enjoy Netflix—but I also urban homesteading/gardening, camping, and any adventure with my husband/best friend, Josiah.

I love my family. I’m the oldest of seven girls, and I gain inspiration from each of my sisters, and the other strong women in my life. (I’m looking at you, Mom and Aunt Carisa!)

In my first year in Olympia, so far Fish Tale Brewery and Quality Burrito are on the top of my favorites list. Delicious food and craft beer is the way to my heart, and Olympia definitely has both!