MES Student Poster Session


Campus Community Members,


You are all welcome to join us for a graduate student poster session on Tuesday, December 5, starting at 6:15 PM in Seminar II, C-3105 & 3107.  Candidates for the Master of Environmental Studies degree will be presenting their thesis research plans, covering an impressive range of topics, such as

  • effective communication of climate science;

  • bioremediation of stormwater pollution;

  • citizen science in invasive species management;

  • incorporation of equity concerns in climate adaptation planning;

  • improving bioplastics policies;

  • impacts of food and agriculture programs for youth development;

  • use of landscape corridors for biodiversity in Thurston County;

  • using natural history collections from Mt. Rainier to understand species movements due to climate change;

  • improving threatened plant and insect species recovery in prairie ecosystems; and

  • effectiveness of stream rehabilitation measures to protect endangered salmon species.


Please join us, to meet and support our wonderful students.


Thank you,

Master of Environmental Studies Program


Ben Harbaugh presenting his potential thesis research Fall 2016, during last year's poster session. Photo by Shauna Bittle. 

MES student, Melanie Graeff, presenting her thesis research ideas at last year's Fall 2016 poster session. Photo by Shauna Bittle.