MES Poster Presentations by Thesis Students


In Fall quarter, when students are beginning their thesis work, they enroll in the final core course called Case Studies, which is designed to kick off their thesis projects. At the end of each Case Studies course, students create a scientific poster representative of their thesis topic and the methods they will carry out in the coming months. Last night Case Studies held the annual student Poster Presentation Session at The Evergreen State College. Students in the program and community members were invited to see what thesis students would be working on in MES this year.

Students presented in rounds of 3: one-third of the class would present for 1 hour as the rest of the thesis students and guests walked around and asked students questions about their projects. It's a great chance to have one-on-one conversation with individuals in the program and to gain a better understanding of topics that may be new or unfamiliar. It's also an opportunity for students to experience a simulation of the traditional poster sessions commonly found at conferences for professional development and presentation experience.

Photos of the poster session are below. Please enjoy the wonderful work our thesis students have performed this quarter; we are so looking forward to seeing the finished projects next year!

The following photos were taken by MES Ambassador, Leslie Carman.