Handbook & Registration

Plan your degree, understand Evergreen and MES policies, and register for your next classes.

Always check the Handbook if you have a question about MES policies or processes. Use the version from the academic year that you started in the program.

Many of the processes for undergraduate students apply to grad students at Evergreen. In particular see:

Keeping on Track for Your Degree

You can always see what courses you've taken by checking your academic history on My Evergreen. Check it against the MES degree requirements checklist (PDF) to see what you still need to finish.


  • You must take the core classes in order.
  • You may only start your thesis after you've finished all 4 core classes AND 12 elective credits.
  • You must earn at least 8 credits of electives via MES courses.
  • Other elective credit options include internships, MPA courses, and transferred credits.


Check the catalog and class schedules before you register:

You can register through My Evergreen starting on Monday of the week that registration starts. (See the Academic Calendar for specific dates.)

Most of the technical instructions for registration are the same as for undergraduate registration, including processes for waitlists and adding and dropping classes.

Helpful details

First year students must register for gCORE; after that, you will automatically be registered for the winter and spring core programs. You will need to register yourself for any electives and for Case Studies in your final year.

Avoid waitlist frenzy by only registering for a single elective and by registering early. If you end up on a waitlist, don't panic. As other students decide on their final choices, spots will open up. If you are really concerned, check with the faculty to see if they might enroll extra students. If so, you won't be able to register until the first week of class.  Many popular electives focused on a wide variety of environmental subjects are offered each year.

If you are taking an internship for credit, you do not need to register separately with a CRN. Instead, use the Individual Study Contracts application on My Evergreen. When the director approves your internship, you will automatically be registered. See more internship details.

If you are registering for your thesis, you will be sent a CRN by email. You will also need to go to a thesis workshop. If you don't register for your thesis credits at least two weeks in advance of the quarter, you’ll need to contact the office to have your pre-approval resubmitted. See more thesis process details.

MESA: Student Group

Get involved with your fellow students in MESA. You can help plan events, participate in volunteer opportunities, and provide a student voice in the program. MESA has also created a professional development fund for current students to attend conferences or complete their thesis research.

Find them on the MESA webpage for more information.