Funding Your MES Research

Grants are a great way to cover the costs of your thesis research or conference travel. Grants can come from Evergreen or other outside sources.

Woman in lab coat, standing in lab

Stephanie Blair, pictured at the right, is one of many MES students to receive funding.

The MES thesis research fund helped Stephanie support her thesis research on fish hemoglobin. The research done in the lab pictured developed new methods for studying fish hemoglobin.

Have a look at the grant options below to see what assistance you might be able to get with your research!

Conference Grants

Evergreen offers many funding opportunities to support student research and networking.  See the list below and links to directions to apply for funding. The MES student organization, MESA, also has a professional development fund for conferences in Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. The application for the fund will be sent out to students by email. Also, some conferences offer scholarships to graduate students to pay for their attendance. 

Evergreen Grants

  • MES Thesis Research Fund - Supports MES Thesis students in completing research by reimbursing thesis expenses. Application deadline is January 14, 2022

  • Evergreen Clean Energy Grant—Funds campus sustainability projects. Open to any member of the Evergreen community. Offered throughout the year.

  • Student Travel Fund - provides support to student presenting their research at a conference. Available through the year until funds are no longer available. 

Non-Evergreen Grants

Check out our Grant Writing Tips (PDF) to help you write the perfect grant proposal.