Current MES Students

Our students come from a range of backgrounds and each aspire to achieve their own individual goals in this program. For many students, the MES program provides them with tools and opportunities to make the change they want to see.

Sihe Sun, 2022 Cohort

Image of Current MES Student, Sihe Sun

Hello, I am Sihe Sun with he/him pronouns, usually going by Simon, and I entered the MES program in Fall 2022. My hometown is Wuhan, China and the city I am coming from prior to starting in MES is Montpellier, France. I was drawn to the MES program at Evergreen because of the open, inclusive environment, and the free academic atmosphere. Prior to MES I was pursuing my bachelor's in environmental biology and completed two internship experiences in the last year, one focused on Stewardship Assistance in Nisqually Land Trust and the other Research Assistance in French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development (CIRAD), France. In MES, I am currently interested in studying ecologies, and environment-related informatics. Outside of school, I enjoy collaborative writing, and video game localization. Through MES, I hope to gain research skills, and communication techniques. I don’t yet have a dream occupation in mind but I may take some time to figure it out! 


Shaina Thompson, 2022 Cohort

Image of Current MES student, Shaina Thompson

Hello, my name is Shaina, my hometown is Lacey, WA but I moved from Los Angeles to live in Hoodsport recently. I was drawn to the MES program at Evergreen because I want to commit my professional skills / time / energy working for the environment. And I always wanted to go to Evergreen! The timing wasn't right earlier in life, but I'm happy to be here now. Prior to MES I did my undergrad in English at the United States Air Force Academy, spent 7 years as an Air Force officer, then when I returned to civilian life, I worked for an executive search (headhunting) firm as the Director of Business Operations (so I wasn't recruiting, but supporting the recruiters). In MES, I am interested in studying ALL OF IT! How different systems work, interact with each other, and especially Indigenous ways of interacting with the environment. Outside of school, I enjoy Hiking, eating, dancing, yoga, and being in / on the water. Starting to forage and garden as well. Oh! Canning and cooking - I love food.

Through MES, I hope to gain new connections (in my mind and friends!). My dream occupation would be finding a role in an org (or many orgs) that allows me to build connections, educate, and continue learning. I could also see myself building maps for small nonprofits via GIS so I have the opportunity to support many teams doing environmental work. The person who inspires me the most in my life is my wife, Tessa. She is a visionary leader, even though she doesn't want to be followed - people want to follow her, especially me! She just wants to take care of the planet, build community, and share experiences with others. She was the main person organizing and advocating for Tiny Homes to be legalized in Los Angeles (starting in 2016), and while she would never take the credit, she deserves it because she organized public events, provided educational workshops, and mobilized citizens via the Tiny Advocacy Network (which she started) to show up to city council meetings and make comments asking for Tiny Homes. And, eventually the LA City Council legalized Tiny Homes in 2019! I'm inspired by her every day. I love to make new friends and I'm trying to start up a game night, so please reach out to me!


Photo of MES student Alex Pavlinovic

Alex Pavlinovic, 2019 Cohort

With the goal of becoming an environmental science biologist, I have taken part in occupational activities. I moderated and organized two special sessions for the Washington Chapter of The Wildlife Society. To gain valuable research and monitoring experience, I have taken part in over 20 projects, including working for Trout Unlimited, Washington State Department of Natural Resources, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Cascadia Research Collective, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, National Park Service, and United States Fish and Wildlife Service. Because of my efforts in assisting fisheries research on the Elwha River Restoration Project, I received the Olympic National Park Youth volunteer of the year award.

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MESA: Student Group

Many of our students get involved through the student group MESA. Find out more about this group and what they bring to the program by looking at their page: MESA