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Capital Hopping for Student Advocacy


Having lived in both Washington, D.C.

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The Summer of Knotweed


Clear skies in August mean brutally hot days. So the slight morning chill only heightens my wariness of the day’s coming heat. I force down a final drink of water before buckling my chest-waders and pulling on the full 15 liter backpack sprayer. My two fellow restoration technicians follow suit and we stride out into the field. Soon we arrive at a steep path descending down to the floodplain of the Satsop River.

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Admitted Student Day 2017


April 27th, 2017 was Admitted Student Day for the MES Program, a chance for students admitted to the MES program to see and hear from faculty, current students and alumni about the program and opportunities available to them upon entry.

Thank you everyone who helped make this day a success!

All photos by Arielle Simmons, MES Communications Associate. 


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