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MES gCORE, Fall 2017 Field Trip


Each year new MES students go on a multi-day field trip as part of their first team-taught class, Conceptualizing Our Regional Environment (gCORE for short). All incoming students take gCORE as a cohort of about 45 students. The field trip is a chance for the cohort to get to know one another better as they start a two (or three) year journey together.

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Fall 2017 Thesis Presentation November 28 and 30

MES student Graham Clumpner presenting his thesis research.

Join the Master of Environmental Studies program for student thesis presentations November 28 and 30 at the Olympia campus. All presentations are open to the public. 

Tuesday, November 28, 3:30-5:40

Purce Hall, Lecture Hall 2


3:30    Dakota Burt, Connecting community concerns and collaborative decision-making for wind energy projects in Washington State (Reader: Ted Whitesell)


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MES Fall 2017 Newsletter

2017 Pacific Northwest Climate Conference


On October 11th, MES students and staff attended the 8th Annual Northwest Climate Conference in Tacoma. From their website (


          "The Northwest Climate Conference annually brings together more than 300 researchers  and practitioners from around the region to discuss scientific results, challenges, and solutions related to the impacts of climate on people, natural resources, and infrastructure in the Pacific Northwest."


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Thesis Research with Stephanie Blair

Current MES student, Stephanie Blair in the lab studying salmon hemoglobin.

Her work amazing is outlined in her scientific poster:

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