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Razor Clams: Coastal Conundrum


My alarm sounds in the dark before dawn. After donning my clothes and grabbing my pack I head out of the dormitory building at Kalaloch Ranger Station on the outer coast of Olympic National Park and over to a small apartment. There I find the Park’s Coastal Monitoring crew hunched over bowls of cereal and toast. Coffee clears bleary eyes and we head to the rig by the light of headlamps. Low tide is at 7:30 a.m. and we need to be on site two hours before to allow enough time to complete our work.  

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3 Days: The Wonderland Trail


Current MES student Tyler Goodman is an experienced hiker and outdoor enthusiast who teaches backpacking classes at the local Olympia REI. This summer, Tyler and his wife tackled the 93 mile Wonderland Trail at Mt. Rainier National Park in a fast paced 3 days! To commemorate this achievement, Tyler created a photo and video compilation of their progress throughout the 3 day hike. Watch the video (not captioned) and see the incredible sights found at Mt. Rainier National Park!

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Director Note: Spring 2016

Evergreen, like many creatures this time of year, is in the midst of metamorphosis. This month George Bridges, who started work in October, was inaugurated as the sixth President of Evergreen. The celebration, of course, had an Evergreen twist.

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Speed Dating 101: Selecting a Thesis Reader

Will you be my thesis reader?

Year two is all about the thesis. I eagerly enrolled in Case Studies and Thesis Design fall quarter (not that I had a choice) with the excitement of my potential thesis project in the back of my mind. As the course started I knew I’d need to select a thesis reader. My first potential thesis involved a large data set of bird surveys and I had someone in mind, but the project fell through. So for a little while I panicked.

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The Day I Met a Nobel Laureate: Planning a Climate Symposium at Evergreen

Dr. John Byrne and those in attendance at Climate Symposium

“This climate symposium was the first big event that I had been involved in…”

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