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Reflections on Carbon Friendly Forestry Conference


I attended the Carbon Friendly Forestry conference at the Cedarbrook Lodge in the Sea-Tac area on Tuesday, September 12th, 2017. It was a great experience learning about Washington Environmental Council’s (WEC) efforts to establish carbon friendly forestry practices by bringing together many interested stakeholders. I attended the event with fellow MES’ers Averi Azar and Katrina Keller (the three of us are pictured below on left side of the front row).

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2018 Graduate Sustainability Fellowships Announced


After interviewing several highly qualified candidates and a difficult deliberation, the hiring committee chose three 2018 Graduate Sustainability Fellows. Our fellows this year will be:


Lucy Pierce, 2nd year MES student, Carbon Offsets Fellow. Lucy will research on-going carbon offset projects and markets, and assist with campus engagement and discussion of what offsets the College should and should not pursue.


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MES Poster Presentations by Thesis Students


In Fall quarter, when students are beginning their thesis work, they enroll in the final core course called Case Studies, which is designed to kick off their thesis projects. At the end of each Case Studies course, students create a scientific poster representative of their thesis topic and the methods they will carry out in the coming months. Last night Case Studies held the annual student Poster Presentation Session at The Evergreen State College. Students in the program and community members were invited to see what thesis students would be working on in MES this year.

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Advanced GIS Presentations!

GIS intro

Last night, the Advanced GIS elective gathered at the Olympia Center to present their original mapping projects, based on their learning of Geographic Information System (GIS) technology over the past year. The presentations used ArcGIS technology to feature webmaps and apps of their own design, showing the results of their research.

You can click on the title of each presentation to go directly to the online story maps each group presented at the end of the quarter! 



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Nicole George: Jack-Of-All-Trades


My name is Chòoshdatlàa yóo xát duwasáakw; but most people refer to me as Nicole. I’m currently 23 years old and proud to call Alaska home. I spent the early part of my childhood in Angoon, Alaska where there are currently more bears on the island than people. The later part of my years I lived in Juneau, Alaska the only U.S. state capital to border another country.

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