All-Campus Mentoring Day Schedule

Explore your possibilities at Evergreen and beyond. Join us for pizza, interactive panels, and one-on-one faculty support for your Academic Statement (due May 17th).

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The schedule below contains all of the Advising Sessions. You may attend up to two sessions, one during the first time slot (2–2:50 pm), and one during the second time slot (3–3:50 pm).

Opening Session

1:30 pm – 1:50 pm

Want to know what Mentoring Day is all about? Grab a slice of pizza and let us help you navigate the sessions.


First Concurrent Advising Sessions, 2 pm - 2:50 pm

LIB 2200 - Rebecca Chamberlain, Marla Elliott, Karen Gaul, Vuslat Katsanis, Patricia Krafcik, Bradley Proctor, Frances Rains, Wenhong Wang, EJ Zita

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Faculty will be on hand to read and comment on your current Academic Statement. Bring a hard copy of your Academic Statement with you.


We will highlight the extraordinary work accomplished by students and graduates of Native programs at Evergreen. We will provide an overview of career and educational paths for students interested in our Native Studies options.



El Camino

The Latinx, Latin American and ELL Education path (El Camino) connects Latin American Studies (Mexico and countries southward); Latinx Studies, (U.S. Latinx experiences) and teaching English language learners. We’ll discuss how El Camino offers connections to the study of Spanish, culture, education, political economy, feminism, media and health.





Curious about becoming a K-12 educator? Considering teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) locally or abroad?  We'll help connect your interests with what's available at Evergreen.  Faculty will field questions about undergrad programs and our newly revised Masters in Teaching program, and provide information about state requirements and course prerequisites.


Sciences & Health Fields

Purce Classroom 8 - Lydia McKinstry, Nancy Murray, Donald Morisato, Ken Tabbutt

We’ll explore how your undergraduate studies prepare you for graduate school in the biological, physical, and environmental sciences, and what career paths might follow. We'll discuss prerequisites and preparing for graduate studies in our Master of Environmental Studies program as well as other graduate programs in scientific fields.



LIB 2205 - Andrew Buchman, Arun Chandra, Amjad Faur, Walter Grodzik, Alex McCarty

How do you practically prepare for careers in the arts? What will help you as an emergent working artist or as one employed in the business or non-profit sector until your art fully supports you? We’ll discuss the business, creative, and non-profit/governmental skill sets that are important to cultivate while at Evergreen.




Featuring accomplished Evergreen alumni who have taken seemingly unconventional career paths, this panel will demonstrate that success comes in many forms, timelines, and progressions. These alumni will illustrate how your Evergreen education prepares you to be a flexible, nimble professional who can adapt to the changing landscape of career, business, and creative pursuits.

Second Concurrent Advising Sessions, 3 pm - 3:50 pm

LIB 2200 - Steve Blakeslee, Frederica Bowcutt, Anne Fischel, Andrea Gullickson, Cynthia Kennedy, Leonard Schwartz, Richard Weiss, Michael Zimmerman

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Faculty will be on hand to read and comment on your current Academic Statement. Bring a hard copy of your Academic Statement with you.


LIB 1412 - Stacey Davis, Steve Scheuerell

Many students describe studying abroad as the most pivotal part of their undergraduate experience. We’ll discuss the options for travel available at Evergreen, how studying abroad fits with the broader expectations and philosophies of the College, and what sorts of post-baccalaureate internships, work, or graduate study are possible.



LIB 1001 - Bill Arney, Sara Huntington, Ulrike Krotscheck

Learn about the diverse programs CTLWS offers, including history, literature, cultural studies, ethnic studies, sociology, psychology, philosophy, religious studies and languages. Discover this path's vibrant study abroad options, and discuss careers and graduate studies in social sciences and humanities.


Purce Classroom 5 - David Muehleisen, Ralph Murphy, Paul Przybylowicz, Erik Thuesen

This Path provides knowledge and skills to study the environment in all its complexities, with foundational programs in natural/social science and expanded curriculum in diverse disciplines. We’ll discuss the unique opportunity Evergreen provides to study the natural world, and how you can reach your educational goals in Environmental Studies.


Purce Classroom 7 - Kristina Ackley, Zoltan Grossman, Gary Peterson, Yvonne Peterson

NAIP includes undergraduate, graduate, and public service programs. We’ll discuss Indigenous knowledge as a field of interconnected study, with full and part-time programs and courses, an undergraduate curriculum that prepares students for graduate work, and projects that support long-term relationships with Pacific Northwest tribes and other Indigenous nations.



LIB 2207 - Angelos Katsanis, John Kirkpatrick, Ted Whitesell

Prepare yourself for graduate-level environmental studies at Evergreen and beyond. We’ll answer questions about typical career paths for graduate students in a wide variety of fields, including research, natural resource management, ecological restoration, environmental education, non-profit conservation work, and environmental justice organizations.


LIB 2205 - Larry Geri, Dion Gouws, Zoe VanSchyndel

Interested in studying business and becoming a Changemaker? Join faculty in an informal discussion of opportunities in Evergreen’s business curriculum and also learn about the Team Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Innovation: MTA Evergreen Change Maker Lab, offered in both daytime and evening and weekend studies.


Purce Classroom 8 - Laura Citrin, Peter Dorman, Ada Fetters, Mukti Khanna, Carrie Margolin

Considering graduate school in social sciences? Faculty will walk students through details of applying for graduate school, as well as and programs and capstone work options for junior and senior years. We’ll frame the protocol for requesting letters of recommendation from professors, writing effective statements of purpose, and more.