APS Work Order

No APS work orders need to be submitted at this time. Students must be in approved programs or have an approved ILC to use APS equipment. Checkout periods will be prearranged with Media Loan staff and faculty or with students during the ILC approval process.

Fill out the APS (Advanced Production Services) work order (checkout or renewal) at least 24 hours in advance. (i.e. If you want to pick up your checkout on Tuesday at 10am, then fill out the work order the Monday before 10am.) Log in if you want to view submitted work orders online. Works orders must be complete and accurate or they will not be filled.

Your full name. If you are working in a group, the person picking up the equipment.
Your A#
Your evergreen e-mail.
Enter your program or ILC title and faculty.
Work Order Type
Are you paired with a classmate for this check out?
Our hours of operation are: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 9am - 5:30pm --- Wednesday 9am - 3:00pm --- Friday 9am - 4pm --- Saturday 11am - 2pm --- Closed on Sundays --- Closed during EVAL WEEKS, HOLIDAYS, and BREAKS.
What's the checkout # for the equipment you want to renew? You can find this number on your checkout confirmation email.
When is the equipment you want to renew due back to APS? You can have up to three renewals if the equipment is available. Be prepared to return the equipment if your checkout has not been renewed. It is your responsibility to verify that your checkout has been renewed. Priority is given to checkouts over renewals.

If you are requesting General Access equipment, you need to fill out a separate extended loan request.


Select the equipment you wish to checkout. For more information about available equipment, check the APS Catalog.
Optional Bolex Accessories
Optional 6D Accessories
For a full list of included 6D kit accessories, please refer to its Media Loan operating guide.
Optional HXR Accessories
Recorder / Mixer
You can also reserve and check out an Olympus LS-100 or Zoom H4n separately from General Access.
You can also reserve and check out microphones from General Access.
Lavalier type
Select what type of Lavalier microphone you'd like. FYI, we do not provide batteries for the microphones.
Shotgun Microphones
Please choose what shotgun microphone you'd like to add to the work order.
Earthworks Mic
Audio Accessories
Please refer to Media Loan's Lighting Equipment Guide when making lighting choices.
Dracast LED1000 Pro Bi-Color Accessory
Mickey Mole Accessory Kit
Teeny Moles Accesories Kit
Grip, etc.
Gel Kit Options
Do you need any gobo arms with the C-Stand(s)?
Flags Options
Make a note of quantities (exceeding one) and kinds here.
Post-production & Miscellaneous