Media Loan Policies and Procedures

State and College Regulations

Media Loan complies with Washington state law (WAC 174-168-010 to 070) and Evergreen academic policy covering use of equipment. All borrowers are expected to comply with the “Conditions of Use” and the circulation procedures stated below. To ensure that equipment is available for ongoing academic purposes, priority of media services resources is given first to coordinated programs, then contracted studies and evening and weekend studies and finally College and Student Activities related events.

Conditions for Use

Media Loan equipment is available without charge to Evergreen students, faculty and staff for academic work intended to generate college credit and faculty/staff development. Uses by other entities are subject to Rental Fees. Reduced charges may apply for college-sponsored non-academic programs, workshops, auxiliary services or self-sustaining programs. Users are encouraged to consult the college’s Fees and Rates Listing(PDF) and Media Services Equipment and Resources Use Guidelines

All borrowers must present a current and valid Evergreen ID Card. Borrowers assume full financial responsibility for equipment checked out to their account. Students who have not registered for the current quarter may not borrow any equipment. Some equipment requires a proficiency test prior to checkout. Fees may apply for non-academic use and/or academic programs charging admission. Borrowers may be asked to explain intended use of equipment.

Institutional & Program Accounts

Staff and faculty may establish Institutional Accounts for the purpose of borrowing Media Loan equipment to carry out the business of the college and/or to support their curriculum (one account per program, class, course, or organization). A designated staff and faculty with budget authority, and determined by the applicant, is responsible for tracking equipment checked out to the institutional/program account by authorized borrowers. A budget number must be provided for the billing of late fines, replacement and/or repair charges.

Proficiency Testing

Anyone who intends to borrow equipment is urged to read the operating guides and/or manuals first. Proficiency tests are required for some equipment. Appointments are scheduled at Media Loan. Proficiency appointments are available Week 2--Week 9 during academic terms. Operating guides and proficiency tests for equipment are available online. A short written examination must be completed before a hands-on operational test is given at your appointment.  

Checking Out Equipment

Equipment is only checked out during posted Media Loan hours. The normal loan period is 7 days. Long term loans may be prearranged with faculty. Shorter term loans may be required for expensive, limited or high use equipment. Media Services facility keys are only checked out 1 to 2 days and cannot be renewed. Large orders of video, audio and/or film equipment should be checked out at least one hour before closing. We reserve the right to refuse last-minute checkouts.

During the academic year, equipment is available from the first day of each quarter until Wednesday of evaluation week. All equipment used during the quarter must be turned in evaluation week. During evaluation week, equipment can only be checked out for evaluation purposes not for production.

Checking In Equipment

Equipment will be checked in only during posted Media Loan hours. All equipment must be returned by the assigned due date and time, as printed on the checkout receipt.

If Media Loan is closed, borrowers may return equipment to the Evergreen Library staff at the circulation desk, provided it is open. No Advanced Production Services and Audio Studio equipment can be returned to the Library circulation desk. "After hours returns” do not include mailing or returning it to the library book drop and are at the borrower’s own risk. No receipt will be given for equipment returned to the Library circulation desk. Equipment is checked in when Media Loan reopens.

If items and/or parts are missing when a borrower returns equipment, every attempt is made to notify the borrower. The borrower will be charged the replacement cost and a non-refundable service fee if the items/parts are not returned within one week. Returning equipment by mail (UPS, etc.) is strongly discouraged. If a borrower chooses to have anything delivered by mail or any other means, they assume full responsibility for loss and/or damage to equipment.

Renewal of Equipment

Borrowers who need to use equipment beyond the due date can extend the checkout, depending on availability. Renewal requests can be made by phone or in person before the checkout is overdue. 

Reserving Equipment

Equipment may be reserved up to a month ahead of time. Reservations are not guaranteed due to the possibility of late returns or damaged equipment. We make every attempt to fill reservations, including making substitutions. Any equipment not picked up within an hour of the reserved time may be loaned out to another borrower. High use equipment cannot be reserved more than two weekends in a row.

Any large Institutional and Program Account reservations must be submitted at least one week prior to their checkout date. 

Extended Loan

An extended loan allows the borrower to keep equipment for up to one full quarter. Student requests require written justification. Quarter long requests should be submitted by the second week of each quarter. Students wanting to borrow equipment over an academic break must also submit proof of registration, payment of tuition for the following quarter, and approval from faculty. Media Loan may approve or deny requests based on demands and availability of equipment. Advanced Production Services and Audio Studio equipment is not available on extended loan over academic breaks. The borrower is responsible for renewing equipment already checked out. Extended Loan Requests may take up to 5 business days to be processed from its date of submission.  

Fill out an Extended Loan Request.

Using Equipment for Incomplete Credit

Any student with an official incomplete may submit a request to Media Loan. The request should be signed by the faculty and verified by the Registration and Records office. A deposit is required. Once approved, the student can request access to Media Loan equipment up to 30 calendar days, or dependent on faculty approval. After returning the equipment, Media Loan will request a refund of the deposit, minus late fines or damage fees when applicable. Refunds are paid within four weeks.

Penalties for Late Return of Equipment

Equipment not returned to Media Loan by the due date and time is considered overdue. Late fines accrue and are assessed based on replacement value of equipment. The borrower is responsible for late fines assessed by Media Loan.

Late fines are assessed per item, per calendar day (including days when Media Loan is closed for weekends, holidays or academic breaks), until received by Media Loan staff. Late fines accrue up to the replacement value of the items or until the equipment is returned or declared lost. Equipment one week overdue, or when late fines equal the replacement cost of the equipment, will be declared lost. The replacement cost plus non-refundable service charge will be billed to the borrower’s account. Keys are declared lost if not returned by two days after due date. If equipment is returned in good condition within the academic year, replacement charges are rescinded but late fines and service charges are not.

Borrowers with equipment more than one week overdue or who abuse the responsibilities inherent in sharing resources with the rest of the Evergreen community, may have their Media Loan privileges suspended. Access may be restored following a meeting with Media Loan staff, return of equipment, and payment of all charges. 

Late fines and service charges are posted online. Late fines, replacement charges and service charges are deposited in a budget for replacement of Media Loan equipment.

In addition to the preceding actions, for both students and non-students, delinquent borrowers may expect:

  • attempts by Police Services to retrieve equipment
  • to be subject to legal action by a collection agency and liability for all costs accrued in the collection of unpaid charges and fines, in accordance with established college policy and procedures


If a borrower believes that a charge has been made in error or wishes to have extenuating circumstances considered, they may submit an Appeal Form within 30 calendar days of bill date. Appeals received after this time will not be considered. Borrowers who wish to contest the decision of the appeal committee may petition the Associate Director of Media Services within 14 days of email notification. Disputes over charges may be appealed in writing within 20 calendar days of decision by the Associate Director of Media Services. The final arbiter for such appeals is the Academic Dean for Instructional Support and Library and Media Services.

Replacement of Equipment

A borrower must pay the replacement cost of any item checked out on the borrower’s account when it is reported lost or stolen by borrower or declared lost by Media Loan. Media Loan’s assessed replacement cost will be based on the current retail price available from authorized vendors, plus tax and shipping, on the same or comparable models. A service charge is added to the total bill.

Damage and Repair of Equipment

Media Loan staff is responsible for inspecting equipment and assessing what repairs are required and the borrower’s responsibility. Damage deemed caused by the borrower will be charged to their account. If Media Loan staff determines equipment is not repairable, full replacement cost may be charged.

Insurance on Equipment

No equipment is insured by Evergreen. Borrowers may obtain insurance coverage from a private broker or agent.

Washington Administrative Code governs Media Loan policy.