Media Loan Late Fines

Late Fines

Media Loan charges late fines when you do not bring equipment back by the due date. You are responsible for paying any late fines on your account. Assessment of late fines follow:

  • Equipment valued at and over $250 — $20.00 per day, per item
  • Equipment valued under $250 — $10.00 per day, per item
  • Keys and accessories valued at and over $50 — $10.00 per day, per item
  • Accessories valued under $50 — $5.00 per day, per item

Late fines accumulate daily, even when Media Loan is closed for weekends, holidays or academic breaks. When equipment is one week overdue, keys are two days overdue, and/or the late fines reach the value of the equipment:

  • we declare equipment and/or keys as lost
  • bill your student account the replacement cost plus a non-refundable service charge of $15 for any damage or lost by patron equipment

If you return equipment within the academic year, we refund replacement charges but not late fines and service charges.

If you continue to return equipment late, your Media Loan account will be put on hold pending a meeting with Media Loan staff.

Do you feel you have been unfairly charged? Do you have mitigating circumstances you wish us to consider? Fill out the Appeal Form and tell us why your fines should be reduced or waived.

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