Equipment Catalogs

General Access (GA)

All eligible students can use GA equipment. Some equipment requires a proficiency test. 


Advanced Production Services (APS)

Advanced media students can check out film equipment, HD video cameras, lighting, and grip gear through our work order process. Learn more about APS 

Audio Studio (AS)

Students enrolled in audio production courses have access to advanced equipment that has to be used in the studios on campus. The work order and lab scheduling process is specific to these courses and instruction is given in class. 


Equipment Training

Staff will guide you through a testing process that will train you how to use equipment. This is a one time only test that allows you access to this equipment while you are a student. 

The process is simple:

  1. Review the catalog and choose the equipment you would like to use.
  2. Identify if it requires a proficiency test.
  3. Read the gear guide.
  4. Answer the test questions.
  5. Schedule a proficiency test with our staff.
  6. Bring your completed test to your appointment.

Proficiency Tests - Available Weeks 2-9 of each quarter.

Gear Guides - Most of our equipment has easy to follow instructional guides. 

Other Topics - We have created some helpful guides about equipment basics, fundamental concepts, and troubleshooting for your reference.