QuaSR Center Workshops

This page contains workshops developed by the QuaSR Center as well as workshops by Evergreen faculty who have agreed to let the QuaSR Center distribute their work here.  Feel free to modify these workshops for use in your own classroom, but please credit the original author(s).  If you would like to contribute a workshop you have written, please contact Vauhn Foster-Grahler at fostergv @ evergreen.edu.

  • Measurement For Artists and Designers Measurement Lesson Plan (Word)   History of Measurement (PowerPoint)  This workshop was created by Miranda Elliott Rader in Fall 2011 for the programs Thinking Through Craft: Wood and Thinking Through Craft: Metal.
  • A Mighty Long Way: Critical Thinking and Interpreting Data Thinking about Data (PowerPoint) Handouts (Word) Data Tables (Excel) This workshop was created by Miranda Elliott Rader and Margaret Blankenbiller in Fall 2012 for Orientation Week.