External Resources

Mathematics and Art


Mathematics in the World of Dance by Katarzyna Wasilewska
Mathematics and dance TEDx ManhattanBeach by Erik Stern and Karl Schaffer
Mathematics and Dance Bibliography
Dancing Mathematics and the Mathematics of Dance by Sarah-Marie Belcastro and Karl Schaffer
Jump Patterns: Percussive Dance and the Path to Math by Malke Rosenfeld
Square Dancing Takes a Mathematical Spin
Mathematics and Ballet
Discoveries + Breakthroughs: Do the Math Dance

Teaching Resources:
Math in Your Feet - Percussive dance and mathematical thinking


Painting and drawing 

Mathematics as a tool to an artist
Mathematics and painting
Fractal expressionism
Electronic Bookshelf of Art- The Center for Mathematics and Quantitative Education at Dartmouth
Mathematics from the Visual World


The Mathematics of Music by Jack H. David Jr 
The Correlation Between Music and Math: A Neurobiology Perspective 
Rhythm and Music Help Math Students: A Podcast by Scientific American
Scott Rickard: The beautiful math behind the ugliest music
Fractal music by Dmitry Kormann
What makes an object into a musical instrument? By Jim Woodhouse
The magical mathematics of music by Jeffrey Rosenthal
Why is the violin so hard to play? By Jim Woodhouse and Paul Galluzzo
Music and Euclid's algorithm by Benjamin Wardhaugh
Sine language--electronic music and since wanves by Oli Freke
Self-similar syncopations by Kevin Jones
Lost in music - math and your interaction with your music collection by Marianne Feiberger
Career Interview: Audio software engineer by Rachel Thomas
Career Interview computer music research by Marianne Feiberger
Electronic Bookshelf of Math & Music - The Center for Mathematics and Quantitative Education at Dartmouth

Architecture & Sculpture

Perfect buildings: the maths of modern architecture
Bridges, string art and Bézier curves by Renan Gross
Career interview: furniture design by Rachel Thomas
Mathematics in Architecture
Sculptures by Charles O. Perry
Sculpture Designs and Math Models by Carlo H. Séquin

Photography, visualization and perspective

Stepping into a picture: Perspective in art, mathematics, and how to explore your favorite piece of art
Differential equations, nature and photography
Images of chaos
Still life- 2006 Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge
"Mathematics Meets Photography"
The Mathematics of Digital Photography by Nick Higham
Mathematics in Elementary Photography by Robert A. Atkins

Teaching Resources:
Math and Photography - Life Learning Academy Project-Based Curriculum by Justin Warren and Jamie Pillers

Acting and Film

A disappearing number by Complicite (inspired by the work between Hardy and Ramanujan)
Example of an actor and mathematician
Why are mathematicians insane in movies?
Computer animation, movies, and mathematics
Mathematics in Movies

Teaching Resources:
How Mathematics Teaching Can Be Like Improv Theater

Origami and textiles

The power of origami - Euclidean geometry and trigonometry
Imaging maths: unfolding polyhedral- Geometry, Platonic solids, and Archimedean solids
Career interview: Fashion design by Rachel Thomas
Mathematics and knitting- patterns and resources
Adventures in Mathematical Knitting by Sarah-Marie Belcastro
Knitting reinvented: Mathematics, feminism and metal by Mark Ward
Quilt Geometry
Robert Lang: The math and magic of origami- A TED talk
Origami Mathematics The Mathematics of Origami by Sheri Yin
Mathematical Origami Mathematics and Origami: The Ancient Arts Unite by Jaema L. Krier
Crocheting the Hyperbolic Plane by David W. Henderson and Daina Taimiða
Margaret Wertheim: The beautiful math of coral. A TED talk

Teaching Resources:
Mathematical Thought- Knitting and Math
Mathematical Thought- Math and Quilting

Mathematics and Biology/Chemistry

Electronic Bookshelf of Biology, Psychology & Medicine - The Center for Mathematics and Quantitative Education at Dartmouth
Connecting Biology and Mathematics: First Prepare the Teachers
The Marriage of Biology and Math
Where maths meets biology
Mathematics in Chemistry: The Basics
Mathematical Issues for Chemists
Margaret Wertheim: The beautiful math of coral. A TED talk
Journal of Mathematical Chemistry

Mathematics and Disabilities

Equal Access to Software and Information
Mathematics and Learning Disabilities
The Impact of Dyslexia on Mathematics
How math anxiety affects performance

Teaching Resources:
Math & Dyscalulia- resources for teaching math to those with math-related learning disabilities
EDeafMath: info and discussion about teaching math for deaf students
Misunderstood Minds
Teaching Strategies-PBS
Accommodating Math Students with Learning Disabilities by Rochelle Kenyon
Mathematics For Students With Learning Disabilities from Language-Minority Backgrounds: Recommendations for Teaching by Torres Raborn

Mathematics and Gender  

The Ada Project - Information and resources to women in computing
Association for Women in Mathematics
Biographies of Women Mathematicians
Gender Equity for Mathematics and Science
Girls’ Attitudes, Self-Expectations, and Performance in Math: An Annotated Bibliography by Michelle Maraffi
Women and Mathematics Network Women and Mathematics Network- Mathematical Association of America
Women in Math Project
Women’s Adventures in Science - National Academy of Sciences
Association for Women in Computing 
American Psychological Association Math + culture = gender gap? By Beth Azar
Debunking Myths About Gender and Mathematics Performance by Jonathan M. Kane and Janet E. Mertz
An Empirical Analysis of the Gender Gap in Mathematics by Roland G. Fryer, Jr. and Steven D. Levitt

Teaching Resources:
Gender, Diversities, and Technology Institute

Mathematics and History

Japanese Sangako paintings
Jean-Baptiste Michel: The mathematics of history- TED
Restoring explicit pieces of art using mathematics
Electronic Bookshelf of History & Geography- The Center for Mathematics and Quantitative Education at Dartmouth

Mathematics and Language/Linguistics

Association for Mathematics of Language
The Mathematics of Language
Mathematics of Language Learning
Spanish Language Math Resources

Mathematics and Minorities 

CAARMS, The Council for African Americans in the Mathematical Sciences
Mathematicians of the African Diaspora
National Association of Mathematicians (NAM) Newsletter
Why Aren’t More Minorities Taking Advanced Math?
Strengthening Underrepresented Minority Mathematics Achievement (SUMMA)
Minorities in Science and Math
Making Mathematics Work for Minorities: A Challenge for Our Profession; A Service to Our Nation

Mathematics and Teaching

Khan Academy- Resources for teachersKhan Academy- Resources for students: "[...]learn almost anything for free."American Council on Education ACEAnnenberg Learner- Math in Daily LifeWolframMathWorld: the web's most extensive mathematics resourceMath ArchivesCampus Equity and Engagement-
Assessing Learning in Learning Communities-
Reaching College REadiness-
Spreadsheets Across the Curriculum with sample learning modules
Mathematics Education Research: A Guide for the Research Mathematician
Electronic bookshelf- resources linking mathematics to various fields
Examples of integrating mathematics into courses across the curriculum
Resources for integrating mathematics and other courses
The National Numeracy Network- Teaching Resources

Mathematics and Writing

Building a career around math and writing
Electronic Bookshelf of Literature & Writing - The Center for Mathematics and Quantitative Education at Dartmouth
Why Writers Should Learn Math by Alexander Nazaryan
Literature and Mathematics by Masahiko Fujiwara
A Brief History of the Mathematical Literature by Robert G. Bartle
Connecting Mathematics and Literature: An Analysis of Pre-service Elementary School Teachers’ Changing Beliefs and Knowledge by Jane M. Wilburne and Mary Napoli
Errors and Corrections in Mathematics Literature by Joseph F. Grcar
Database of Mathematical Fiction
Fiction + Math = <3 by Becky O’Neil
Building a career around math and writing

Teaching Resources:
Integrating Writing into the Mathematics Classroom
Math and Literature: A Match Made in the Classroom- EducationWorld: The Educator's Best Friend