Business Cards and Name Tags

Present yourself and Evergreen in a professional way with business cards and name tags.

Business Card Example Each division or work unit has a Storefront order manager to coordinate order processing and payment for business cards and other printed matter. If you do not know the name of your Storefront order manager, email

To access the Storefront you will need to enter your ID and password. Your user ID is your Evergreen email. Contact your area’s Storefront order manager to get your password.

Please read the Storefront instruction guide (PDF) before you start your order.

Business Cards

Do not include personal mobile, blog or other items not specifically provided to you by the college for work. State law prohibits including non-work information.

  1. On the Storefront, select the business card option and enter your name and contact information.
  2. You can update information, select quantity, and approve the layout for printing. (If you make a mistake, you can edit and update the form to capture your correction before you submit for printing).
  3. Select the green button to update your card to capture changes.
  4. You can view, download, and share an online proof by clicking the pdf button.
  5. When you are satisfied with the proof, submit your order.
  6. Your Storefront order manager will receive an invoice with a detailed spreadsheet that lists all orders each month and a link for payment. The order manager can make changes if necessary.

Letterhead, envelopes, and other paper goods

If you wish to order letterhead, note cards, or envelopes, select the item from the Storefront main page, then follow the same steps for each.

Name tags

You can order name tags by email from our approved online vendor. All name tags are silver metal printed with black and have a magnet back.

Choose one of two designs:

  1. Just the Evergreen logo and your name
  2. Logo, your name, title, division or office, and (optional) pronoun preference

See a detailed name tag design sheet (PDF).

Follow these instructions to order a name tag (PDF).

Tip: Coordinate your order with others in your office to save money on quantities and shipping!