Winter 2019

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Fiber Arts Studio - Spring 18

Evergreen Opens First-of-Its-Kind Fiber Arts Studio

Evergreen’s new Fiber Arts Studio was completed in September and is the second building on campus devoted entirely to the indigenous arts. The building is part of Evergreen’s ongoing mission—along with the Longhouse Education and Cultural Center—to serve as a gathering place for people of all cultures.

Designed by Mãori sculptor Lyonel Grant, in collaboration with Longhouse architect Johnpaul Jones (Choctaw), the building is the first of its kind, combining hand-carved tribal designs from the Pacific Northwest and South Pacific.

Return to Evergreen Inspires Us

Over 450 alumni and friends from 15 states Returned to Evergreen in October to participate in a wide variety of interactive workshops, activities, and events. The festivities kicked off with the StoryOly-Evergreen storytelling event with Elizabeth Lord ’95. Saturday’s activities included the Sip and Savor Social Hour, 22 workshops and seminars, and the Evergreen@50 Lunch, featuring a panel discussion of alumni who attended Evergreen in the early years. The weekend wrapped up with a field trip to Mount St. Helens and Return to Evergreen–Tacoma.


Tell Evergreen’s Stories

Time to Speak Up About Evergreen

This generation of Greeners is creating their own stories. Read on to learn how you can help Evergreen by telling yours.

Eat Your Heart Out, Olympia

How Greener dynamos have put the region on America’s culinary map

One way Evergreen boosts the local economy is through the entrepreneurial spirit of our foodie alumni. A stroll through downtown Olympia will take you past several Greener-owned food and drink establishments, many of which are award-winning and iconic.

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