In Memoriam

February 12, 2018

Wendy S. Bartanen, June 24, 2017, age 63. She practiced family medicine in Minnesota and Lawton, Okla. She worked to serve the health care needs of under-served populations and volunteered as a doctor in Central America.

Adam T. Birdinground Jr. ’74, July 19, 2017, age 73. Adam served in the Vietnam War from 1966-67. He worked as a riveter, as a commercial fisherman, and served the Indian Health Service for 35 years.

Mary E. Branson, April 4, 2017, age 71. Mary worked with the Dept. of Natural Resources from 1998-2012 and was a member of Westwood Baptist Church for more than 30 years.

Marty K. Collamore ’82, May 21, 2017, age 66. He worked with P&M Coal Company, Hygrade Meats, and with the City of Tacoma Environmental Services until his retirement.

Matthew R. Dubin, May 3, 2017, age 45. Music was an important part of Matthew’s life and he was interested in sustainable agriculture. He will be remembered for his sense of humor and lasting friendships.

Patrick D. Garvey, September 19, 2017, age 63. For many years, Pat had a printing business in downtown Seattle. He retired from printing and settled into woodworking, where he was a craftsman until his final days.

Sherry “Annie” Giannini ’88, May 7, 2017, age 74. She was an advocate for the health and welfare of new moms and babies. She worked at St. Mary Medical Center in Walla Walla as a social worker.

Teddy Haggarty ’75, Sept. 5, 2017, age 64. Teddy was immersed in the Tacoma art scene as well as in Hollywood. Along with film, he painted, promoted music, and wrote poetry.

Edris R. Herodes ’90, August 1, 2017, age 70. Edris worked with DSHS as a social worker and was an amazing gardener who received her Master Gardner certification in 2014.

Jean F. Herron ’73, June 6, 2017, age 92. Jean painted professionally and taught art classes for many years. She continued painting until the last week of her life.

Kay Isbell-Triggs ’83, October 3, 2017, age 75. Kay was a longtime staff member at Evergreen-Tacoma. She loved all animals, arts and crafts, and visiting Hawaii.

Louis ”Michael” Knuth ’84, July 28, 2017, age 72. Michael was raised in Brookfield, Wis. He then lived in Loomis, Wash. before moving to Montana, where he worked as an animal walker for the Chelsea Bailey Animal Shelter.

Zach Krull, July 5, 2017, age 20. Zach had just started his freshman year at Evergreen. He loved hiking, kayaking, and any outdoor activities. He had hopes of becoming a forest ranger for the National Park Service.

Geoffrey “Geo” M. Lane ’85, April 3, 2017, age 55. Geo was a software engineer at Microsoft for more than 20 years. He worked on many different teams, including new product development for Surface and X-Box.

David W. Lawrence, June 18, 2017, age 62. David served in the U.S. Marines Corps during the Vietnam War. A machinist by trade, he loved fishing, hunting, and drawing, and adored his pets.

Anna Mae Livingston ’89, June 6, 2017, age 89. Anna Mae served the college from 1981–96, when she retired from what was then called the Controller’s Office. She raised her 14 children before completing her bachelorʼs degree.

Curtis “Mac” McHendry, June 30, 2017, age 82. Curtis worked in Evergreen’s Parking Services from 1994–2000. He served in the National Guard 1953-54 and U.S. Army 1954–75. He also served as Thurston County Parks Supervisor for 16 years.

Marcus Mitchell, August 2, 2017, age 19. Marcus was enrolled in Archives of the Present and Illustrations of Character. Marcus’ passing was acknowledged by flying a black flag at half-mast at the entry to Red Square.

Dale A. Monroe ’84, April 4, 2017, age 75. He was an administrator for Oroweat Baking Company, managed real estate, worked for the Evergreen School District, and directed Western Washington University’s business services.

Mel Moon ’80, July 16, 2017, age 61. Mel dedicated his career to the Quileute people in shaping policy and protecting tribal treaty rights. Mel was awarded the first Billy Frank Jr. Leadership Award in March 2017

Deborah A. Reynvaan (Lawrence) ’00, May 19, 2017, age 63. Debbie worked as director of institutional research at Grays Harbor College for 25 years. She was passionate about good food, education, and travel.

Robert D. Rietze ’12, June 19, 2017, age 61. Bob was an Army veteran and spent time restoring his ’69 Firebird convertible. He loved to sing along, albeit out of tune, to rock and roll.

Patricia M. Rosander, June 19, 2017, age 74. Patti worked in both hospitality and human services fields, spending extensive time as a chemical dependency counselor and social worker for the Quinault Nation.

Colin Ross ’17, Feb. 24, 2017, age 23. Colin saw much of the world, but most important were his trips to Africa and Nepal. He would say, “I arrive in Africa with a smile and I leave with a smile.”

Marcus B. Royster ’05, August 17, 2017, age 48. Marcus served in the U.S. Army Special Forces from 1986–96. He held many positions in the Tacoma community, his home for 30 years.

Sandi L. Shellabarger, Sept. 20, 2017, age 82. Sandi was director of Evergreen’s Childrenʼs Center from 1996-2003. She volunteered with many social services organizations and won merit, civil service, and excellence in military journalism awards.

Myrtle ”Gay” Smith ’89, April 26, 2017, age 82. Gay worked at the Weyerhaeuser mill in Raymond for 35 years. She enjoyed fishing, digging clams, mushroom picking, and nature.

Jessie Turner ’75, Feb. 21, 2017, age 78. Jessie worked to improve the lives of women and girls. She earned a lifetime achievement award in 2016 and was named Port Orchard Chamber of Commerce Woman of the Year in 1995.

Correction: Please note that Paul Kramer, not Paul Kram, passed away February 24, 2017 at age 54.