Winter 2018

The Evergreen Magazine features stories and highlights about our alumni and events.


A Veteran’s View

Ray Mobley talking to students

Ray Mobley, center, talks with veteran students. Mobley serves as an Evergreen Admissions Counselor, specializing in veterans’ outreach and Evening and Weekend Studies.

During my 21 years of U.S. military service, I had many proud moments, but none compares to the day I became a patriot.

A Teacher for Apple

Portrait of Stuart Ralston

Designing Authentic Learning with Technology

While as a teacher in the 2009-10 era of high-stakes standardized testing, Stuart Ralston ’06 had a hunch. His classroom of sophomores at an urban high school in Minneapolis loved technology, especially the social and gaming aspects, as much as he did. How would they react to more tech in their learning?

Return of the Wapato

Emily Washiness

Emily Washines, photographed on the restored flood plain of Toppenish Creek, where she filmed her documentary, Return of the Wapato. Washines chose traditional dress to emphasize the Yakamas’ historical connection to this landscape.

As autumn sun glinted off Mount Adams to the west, Emily Washines MPA ’10 stood in the middle of a freshwater stream in the heart of a restored wetland, and smiled.

The Hilltop Dynamo

Korbett Mossesly


It was a rainy Tuesday in January 2007 and Korbett Mosesly ’11, MPA ’17 had a decision to make. In the morning, the youngest of his three sons, Andre, was having a kidney removed. That evening, he was scheduled to attend his first class at Evergreen-Tacoma.

Tradition Meets Innovation

In an office overlooking the heart of campus, Jennifer Drake and Chassity Holliman-Douglas joined The Evergreen Magazine staff for a conversation about campus climate, fresh leadership, and what it means to be a student-ready campus, both academically and culturally.

Drake and Holliman

Chassity Holliman-Douglas sits down for a conversation with Jennifer Drake.

From Butoh to the Big Apple

Ivan Espinosa

Ivan Espinosa at Evergreen’s 2017 commencement ceremony at Cheney Stadium in Tacoma.

Ivan Espinosa ’17 speaks of his experience at Evergreen with such sincerity and gratitude, one can almost hear the smile in his voice. And it’s for good reason—he was accepted to New York University (NYU) with a full scholarship for graduate studies—based largely on the artistic work he created at Evergreen.

Gov. Daniel Evans signs the legislation creating Evergreen


In the last issue, we noted that Paul Kramer passed away February 24, 2017 at age 54, but mistakenly truncated his name as Paul Kram. This has been fixed in the online version.

We also used the wrong photo of the 1967 signing of Evergreen’s founding documents by Governor Dan Evans. The photo shown here is the correct one, and has been updated in the online version.

We apologize for these errors.

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Cover to the winter 2018 edition of The Evergreen Magazine

Emily Washines MPA ’10

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