Spring and Summer 2017

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Evergreen’s Legislative Interns

Evergreen’s proximity to the Washington State Capitol Campus may be one reason it’s the most represented college of its size, with 14 student enrolled in the 2016-17 school year, interning with legislators from around the state.

But students, faculty, and legislators involved in Evergreen’s legislative internship program say it’s the critical thinking and negotiating skills developed at Evergreen that make students a natural fit for legislative policy and procedure.

Building Hope

Unlikely allies work together to improve economic viability in Grays Harbor

Grays Harbor and Olympic Pen Wishkah merged with railroad tracks
Rural communities in Southwest Washington have felt the boom and bust of the fishing and logging industries for more than a century.

One Man’s Worldwide Listening Tour

Russell Flemming

Russell Flemming joined the Peace Corps following a career with the U.S. Army. He spent two years teaching fifth graders in Ongombombonde, Namibia. “Diplomacy is too important to ignore,” he says.

Riot Grrrls Raise Awareness

Riot Girls

Corin Tucker performs with Sleater-Kinney at Tower Records in 1997, with Carrie Brownstein (left) and drummer Janet Weiss. Photo by Lance Bangs.

Student Aya Kondo Reflects on Her Civic Engagement Journey

Aya Kondo ’18 had just begun her senior year at the historic Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. At the same time, she was making small-batch ice cream in the town’s corner store.

It was there she met an alumna who helped launch Kondo’s college career by introducing her to The Evergreen State College.

Aya Kondo ’18

Aya Kondo ’18 chose to attend Evergreen after learning about the Evergreen Student Engagement Institute (ESCEI) program.

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Spring Summer 2017 magazine cover

Legislative intern Merrill Williams ’17

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