Faculty Focus

June 9, 2017

Dharshi Bopegedera’s paper, “Analysis of Copper-Bearing Rocks and Minerals for Their Metal Content Using Visible Spectroscopy: A First Year Chemistry Laboratory Exploration,” appeared in August in the Journal of Chemical Education (93:9).

Shariah on Trial book cover

Sarah Eltantawi’s book, Shari’ah on Trial: Northern Nigeria’s Islamic Revolution, was published in April by the University of California Press. Eltantawi recently presented three papers at the American Academy of Religion conference in El Paso, Texas, including a plenary on the role of love in civic discourse and a presentation of her new work, “Gendering the Political Theology of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.”

Stephen Buxbaum and Elaine Vradenburgh received a grant from Humanities Washington for “Voices from the Harbor,” an oral history project investigating how Grays Harbor, Wash. communities have responded to social and economic changes. The project will educate residents about the history of Grays Harbor and open dialogue about contemporary issues in the region.

Mahometan & Celestial’s Encyclopaedic Guide to Modernity illustrations

From Mahometan & Celestial’s Encyclopaedic Guide to Modernity by Steven Flusty and Pauline C. Yu. 2016.

In the Seventy Seventh Kingdom book cover

Steven Flusty and Pauline C. Yu published Mahometan & Celestial’s Encyclopaedic Guide to Modernity, a volume in Urban Research’s series about culture, architecture and the urban. The lavishly illustrated book leads the reader through an alternative universe of alt-imperial modernism, resistances, and peculiar material cultural trappings.

Pat Krafcik’s bilingual Russian-English compilation of Carpatho-Russian folktales was published in 2015 by the Carpatho-Rusyn Research Center: “In the Seventy-Seventh Kingdom”: Carpatho-Rusyn Folktales [«В сïмдесятій семій краïні»: Карпаторусиньскы приповідкы]. This is the first compilation of Carpatho-Russian folktales to appear in English and is available in the U.S., as well as in the Carpatho-Russian homeland in Europe.

Contemplative Approaches book cover

For the past eight years through her Curriculum for the Bioregion initiative, Jean MacGregor has led an interinstitutional faculty learning community exploring sustainability and contemplative practice. The fruits of their work now appear in a book co-edited by MacGregor, Contemplative Approaches to Sustainability in Higher Education: Theory and Practice from Routledge Press. Karen Gaul, Sarah Williams, and MacGregor are among the chapter authors.

Hirsh Diamant gave a presentation to the 10th International Daoist Conference in Taiwan last year. His conference paper, “Re-Imagining the World and Self with Tai Ji and Daoist Study,” examines benefits of Tai Ji and Daoist Studies in liberal arts education, using samples of Evergreen students’ work.

TIme Out of Joint movie still

Steve Rowland is director and producer of an upcoming 90-minute documentary, Time Out of Joint: Teaching Shakespeare in Prison. The film, which received a grant from King County's 4Culture last spring, was shot in Woodbourne Correctional Facility, a state prison in New York.

Black Box book cover

Eirik Steinhoff had two essays on poetry and politics published recently. “Making nothing happen: Poetry and sabotage” appears in postmedieval: a journal of medieval cultural studies, and “The anomaly contains the homily: placebo and poiesis.” Steinhoff is co-editor of the journal Black Box: A Record of the Catastrophe, whose inaugural issue includes another essay by him along with work by faculty members Alejandro de Acosta and Miranda Mellis.

Zhang Er’s opera, Fiery Jade—Cai Yan, directed by James Brown with music by Gregory Youtz, premiered at Pacific Lutheran University in November 2016. The opera follows the life of the historical figure and poet Cai Yan (b. 177 C.E. and also known as Cai Wenji) at the end of the Han Dynasty, a period of tremendous violence and cultural upheaval.

Fiey Jade Cai Yan poster