Speedy Makeover

A new look for an old duck.

Love it or hate it, the geoduck is ours. Founders of the college settled on the giant mollusk after much consideration (a few, however, reveled in the potential headlines a team called The Legislators would inspire). The geoduck really is the ideal Evergreen mascot—embodying the independent, nonconformist style Evergreen espouses academically, as well as paying homage to the natural environment that is so much a part of Evergreen. Embracing this unique mascot is no stretch for Greeners, even with the interesting press it's gotten over the past few years.

Speedy over the years

Speedy over the years (click for larger image).

Speedy the Geoduck

In a serendipitous meeting of anniversaries, the college commissioned acclaimed artist and Evergreen alumna Nikki McClure '91 to revisit her original Speedy artwork created a decade ago, and create a new illustration to be unveiled at the start of the 40th anniversary. Rather than veering away from the non-competitive quality that appealed to the founders and giving the stationary clam the fierceness and muscles every other college mascot flexes, Nikki created two alternate poses of Speedy that were incorporated into new logos for Athletics and Recreation. The campus-wide collaboration with students and staff helped the design team with the direction the logos, typesetting and uniforms took.

Speedy the Geoduck

While we have had a fight song since the start, which includes a nod to the Latin motto of the college, the geoduck inspires another motto for the whole campus community. According to a variety of sources, the word geoduck is derived from a Lushootseed (Nisqually) gwíd q meaning “dig deep.” It's a phrase that has been used around campus over the years and it's a perfect way to describe an ethic for both athletics and academics at Evergreen.

Dig Deep Geoducks graphic

The new Speedys and the Dig Deep theme will be used in Evergreen materials starting fall 2011.