State Budget Boosts Student Success & Renewal

November 18, 2019
Clock Tower Summer 2019

The state legislature strongly affirmed its commitment to Evergreen’s unique model of education in passing a 2019–2021 operating and capital budget that supports the college and boosts aid to low-income college students across the state.

“This budget really puts students first,” said Evergreen President George Bridges. “The Workforce Education Investment Act will help more students pursue their college dreams, and pay for the compensation increases deserved by faculty and staff who serve those students. Evergreen will now be able to meet student demand for expanded psychology programs and improve our support for students just starting college.”

The state capital budget provides substantial support to Evergreen, including $5.4 million to create new space for a student health care center, $4 million to address HVAC and seismic issues in aging buildings, and $500,000 to create a sustainable master plan for campus utilities. “Taken together, these legislative actions represent a significant investment in student success, and strong affirmation of Evergreen’s direction and leadership,” said Evergreen Board of Trustees Vice Chair Fred Goldberg.

Local legislators Senator Sam Hunt and Representatives Laurie Dolan and Beth Doglio were key to conveying the substantial positive economic impact the college has in the region, and the contributions Evergreen’s students, staff, and alumni make across the state and nation. “Evergreen has many champions in the legislature, and we are grateful for their strong support,” said Bridges. “With this funding, we can build on our work to strengthen and renew the college, keeping student success at the center of what we do.”