Faculty Highlights—Winter 2019

January 4, 2019

(Left to right) Ocyropsis maculata, Leucothea, and Red Bathyctena chuni by Steve Haddock; Beroe forskalii (Wikipedia Commons); Pleurobrachia groseilles de mer (sea-gooseberries) by 0gust1 via Flickr; Bolinopsis infundibulum, bathypelagic ctenophore, Red and Blue ctenophore and NOAA (all CC by 2.0).

Evergreen faculty contribute, engage, and create on multiple levels! The entries below were excerpted from the Spring 2018 Faculty Update (PDF). See more faculty updates.

Kevin Francis, Martha Henderson, Erin Martin, Kathleen Smith, and Shangrila Joshi coauthored the piece, “Collaborative Teaching and Interdisciplinary Learning in Graduate Environmental Studies,” which appeared in the Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences in January 2018.

Aisha Harrison, Mukti Khanna, and students from their 2016-2017 Art, Mindfulness, and Psychology program traveled to Portland to give a presentation at the 2017 National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts. They discussed interdisciplinary teaching and learning, and showcased art made by the students over the course of the program.

Ulrike Krotscheck had an article published in Archaeometry and one of her papers published in Material Koinai in the Greek Early Iron Age and Archaic Period in February 2018. She also published a chapter in The Archeology of Anatolia Volume II: Recent Discoveries (2015-16) that was published in 2017, and presented her paper, “Archaic and Classical Pottery from the Sinop Kale Excavations, 2015-2017,” at the annual meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America.

Eirik Steinhoff is collaborating with colleagues at Evergreen and students and teachers behind bars to develop a credit-bearing liberal arts and liberation education program for incarcerated individuals. Last February, he, Gilda Sheppard, and Maxine Mimms brought a group of Evergreen students to a youth summit arranged by the Black Prisoners Caucus at the Washington Corrections Center in Shelton.

Russell Lidman taught in Mexico in 2017 through an award from COMEXUS, the Fulbright Commission of Mexico, the latest of several awards for Lidman. Lidman conducted faculty workshops in June and July at the Universidad de Guadalajara on policy analysis and taught short courses on elections. In August, he headed to Mexico City to teach at the Instituto TecnolÓgico AutÓnomo de México. There, he taught a course called Political Process, in addition to a course on Mexico, U.S., and Canada relations.

Greg Mullins presented his research on the history of the Washington State Human Rights Commission at a gathering of human rights scholars at New York University in March. He also represented Evergreen at a roundtable discussion titled “Critical Conversations, Student Autonomy, and Civility,” which took place in Washington D.C., in January 2018.


Artwork by student Krislyn Moore, created during the program Art, Mindfulness, and Psychology. Photo courtesy of Aisha Harrison and Mukti Khanna.

Several 10-year-old videos of Bill Ransom discussing his poetry and memoir collection, The Woman and the War Baby, were recently made available to the public. The tapes include various readings and a wide range of stories about his work.

Erik Thuesen and MES students Telissa Wilson and Tiffany Bachtel attended the annual meeting of the Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology in San Francisco in January 2018. The group coauthored a presentation titled, “Grace Under Pressure: Cloning and Hyperbaric Characterization of Pyruvate Kinase from Deep-Sea Ctenophores.” Thuesen also coauthored an article, “Insights into the Biodiversity, Behavior, and Bioluminescence of Deep-sea Organisms Using Molecular and Maritime Technology,” which appeared in the December 2017 issue of Oceanography.

In January 2018, Michael Vavrus was on a panel of respondents to the PBS POV documentary, “All the Difference.” Vavrus also presented a workshop titled, “Intersectionality: Complicating Simplistic Ideas of Racial Discrimination” at the MLK Legacy Conference, which was held at South Puget Sound Community College in February 2018.