Going Beyond the Ordinary

Vision, innovation, creativity, and heart. That's a powerful combination.
Photo of Fred Goldberg.

Fred Goldberg.

You’ll see it throughout this issue of The Evergreen Magazine: from an introduction to our new president, George Bridges, to a celebration of the Longhouse’s 20th anniversary, to compelling alumni stories that highlight the crossroads of health, medicine, technology, and service to others.

You’ll read about turning a smartphone into a microscope, promoting better health in rural Peru, 3-D printing as a communication tool for doctors and patients, innovations in cancer prevention, and more. We also say goodbye to Evergreen’s first president, Charles McCann, early faculty member Leo Daugherty, and others who have contributed so much to the college over the years.

As we celebrate and honor the past, we also look forward to new possibilities. In what innovative ways can we apply Evergreen’s virtues—interdisciplinary learning, collaboration, learning across significant differences, putting theory into practice—to the challenges of today and tomorrow? Our alumni show us what can be done. Our new president will help us shape and pursue a vision for doing even more. And our current students will surprise us with creative solutions we can’t even imagine today.

Thank you for being part of the Evergreen community. Your engagement with the college has never been more important or more appreciated.


Fred Goldberg's signature.

Fred Goldberg, Chair
The Evergreen State College Board of Trustees