The Evergreen Magazine—Spring and Summer 2015

Spring and Summer 2015


  • Celebration and Anticipation

    by Keith Kessler

    “In this issue, we celebrate the leadership and accomplishments of Les Purce as he prepares to wrap up his presidency.”

  • Reflections on a Presidency

    by Todd Sprague

    Les’ ability to shift from thoughtful advocate, mentor, colleague, and listener to enthusiastic participant, showman, storyteller,
    and lifelong learner has served him, and Evergreen, well.

  • Shaking up the Local Food Scene

    by Carolyn Shea

    In a rural Puget Sound community, one Greener has turned her passions into growing a healthy new enterprise.

  • Unlocking the Story of a River

    by Nani Paape ’76

    Technology helps show the Elwha through new eyes.

  • Sustainability in Action: Holy Lamb Organics

    by Nani Paape ’76

    Losing sleep may have led Willow Whitton ’98 to the dream of Holy Lamb Organics, a luxury organic bedding company
    now in its 15th year.

  • Protecting Adolescents from Suicide

    by Carolyn Shea

    A renowned clinical psychologist has developed groundbreaking screening and family therapy techniques to reduce risk.

  • Bacteriophage: The Good Guys of the Virus World

    by Meryl Lipman and Annie Ferguson ’15

    An Evergreen specialty since 1973. Also in this article, “Phaging out a Dangerous Problem” by Carolyn Shea.

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This Issue’s Cover

Spring/Summer 2015 magazine cover

Les Purce leaves a legacy of strong relationships, engaged learning, and campus improvements.

Read more in “Reflections on a Presidency.”

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