The Evergreen Magazine—Fall and Winter 2014

Fall and Winter 2014


  • Les Purce

    Letter from the President

    by Les Purce

    “As this year’s chair of the Council of Presidents, an organization that represents Washington’s public baccalaureate institutions, I find myself and Evergreen at the center of critical conversations about the future of higher education.”

  • Planning Tomorrow’s Cities

    by Carolyn Shea

    Two Greeners are helping to shape urban development on the West Coast.

  • Transforming South Sound’s Human Landscape

    by Nani Paape ’76

    Evergreen’s Center for Community-Based Learning and Action (CCBLA) links Evergreen faculty and students with organizations working on a wide range of community issues.

  • On the Front Lines of Fire

    by Meryl Lipman

    Wildfire communications manager Janet Pearce ’02 experiences both fire and climate change firsthand.

  • Following the Mycelial Path

    by Carolyn Shea

    Paul Stamets ’79 turned his teenage curiosity about mushrooms into a singular path that not only led him to become a leading mycologist, entrepreneur, and author, but also put him on a trailblazing journey of discovery.

  • Teaching to Change the World

    by Carolyn Shea

    Wayne Au became a teacher to change the world.

  • The Path Forward: Native Programs

    by Todd Sprague

    When tribal leaders from around the region met in June with Washington Governor Jay Inslee and directors of state agencies for the 25th annual Centennial Accord, they gathered at Evergreen’s Longhouse Education and Cultural Center.

  • Creating Beautiful, Sustainable Buildings

    by Nani Paape ’76

    “The best part of our collaborations is that we can trust each other on things, to keep up with the things that fall within each of our specialties.”

  • Letter from the President

    by Les Purce

    “I announced recently that I will retire from Evergreen in the summer of 2015, after I complete my 15th year as president.”

  • Environmental Stewardship Up Close and Personal

    by Todd Sprague

    NOAA veterans Carla Stehr ’75 and Bob Steelquist ’85, MES ’94 promote personal connections with nature through images and education.

  • Greening the Region

    by Carolyn Shea

    Greener businesses South Sound Solar and Sound Native Plants are buoying the local economy and improving the environment.

  • Seeking Our Past, Preserving Our Heritage, Shaping Our Future

    On the ground and under the water, archaeologist Sarah Amell ’03 maps hidden human stories along the shores of Puget Sound.

  • Reclaiming the Breath of the Land

    by Sandra Kaiser

    Reconnecting people to ancient traditions, Skokomish tribal counselor Delbert Miller ’96 uses music, history, and stories to help heal.

  • Discovering the Secrets of the Giants of the Sea

    by Carolyn Shea

    Fighting to save whales from ship collisions, John Calambokidis ’78 and the Cascadia Research Collective research and record marine mammal movements along Pacific waterways.

  • John Dodge ’76

    Covering the Region’s Environmental Beat

    by Carolyn Shea

    John Dodge ’76 has a profound understanding of the South Sound’s geography, human history, and environment, making him one of the most-read and respected writers in the region.
  • City of Tacoma

    Evergreen Tacoma Helps Shape Puget Sound’s “City of Destiny”

    by Sandra Kaiser

    Evergreen Tacoma grads Carol Wolfe ’96 and Monica Hunter-Alexander ’13 commit to a vibrant, resurgent city.

  • Shaping the Sound with Shellfish

    by David O. Skattebo ’15

    The Pacific Shellfish Institute and the Evergreen Shellfish Club bring alumni and students together to boost Puget Sound’s most delicious export.

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Fall/Winter 2014 magazine cover

Gil Kelley, San Francisco’s recently named director of citywide planning, on Portrero Hill, overlooking the city’s skyline.

Photo by Beck Diefenbach. Read more in “Planning Tomorow’s Cities.”

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