Evergreen Magazine Fall 2011

Fall 2011

Celebrating 40 Years of Evergreen

This year, we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of Evergreen's first academic year. We take great pride in what we have all accomplished in the ensuing four decades.

Evergreen has become nationally recognized for academic rigor and commitment to sustainable practices. You can see in this issue of the magazine that Greeners are not only leaders in their fields, but in the fields that will be so instrumental as we look to our future – organic farming, sustainable building, alternative energy, e-commerce, environmental conservation, collaboration and social justice.

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40 Weeks of Events

Check out the entire series of events happening throughout the year, then make plans to celebrate with us at our Return to Evergreen event in May 2012.

What do you love about Evergreen?

To celebrate Evergreen's 40th, we're compiling a list of 40 things that are wonderful about Evergreen and Olympia. Look for the list in our Spring issue.

12 Greener Leaders Making a Difference

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    The Attorney

    by Carolyn Shea

    Doug Luckerman ’79 is an advocate for pulling the plug on inequity.

  • buildings

    The Builder

    by David McKay Wilson

    Dan Tishman ’77 brings an environmental focus to one of the nation’s leading construction firms.

  • head shot

    The Catalyst

    by Carolyn Shea

    Timi Vann ’91 makes government responsive to Westerners’ environmental needs.

  • head shot

    The Civil Rights Leader

    by Carolyn Shea

    Reverend Oscar Tillman ’87 stands up for the downtrodden.

  • coffee graphic

    The Coffee Connoisseur

    by Carolyn Shea

    Lindsey Bolger ’91 is brewing great coffee and a better world.

  • civil rights related graphic

    The Conservationist

    by Carolyn Shea

    Thinking Globally, Acting Globally with the Nature Conservancy’s Jeff Hardesty ’79

  • buy olympia graphic

    The e-Commerce Whizzes

    by Carolyn Shea

    Pat Castaldo ’95 and Aaron Tuller ’00 helped spark a movement.

  • farmer and her dog

    The Farmer

    by Ann Mary Quarandillo

    Karyn Williams ’03 is a 21st-Century pioneer.

  • 3 person portrait

    The Grantmaker

    by Ann Mary Quarandillo

    Sandra Davis ’89 is helping build a healthier community in East Oakland

  • scales of justice

    The Judge

    by Ann Mary Quarandillo

    Appeals Court Judge Christine Quinn-Brintnall ’76 brings a unique philosophy to the bench

  • sunflower and solar panels

    The Nanotechnologist

    by Ann Mary Quarandillo

    James Egerton ’77 is making green energy more efficient

  • grapes

    The Winemaker

    by Carolyn Shea

    Anna Matzinger ’93 is the toast of the Willamette Valley

Special Feature

  • David Hitchens

    Dave Hitchens, Getting it Right

    by John McLain

    Founding Faculty Member Dave Hitchens Reflects on Teaching, Building a New College and Other Acts of Faith.

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Celebrating 40 Years of Evergreen.

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