The Evergreen Magazine—Fall 2010

Fall 2010


  • The Evergreen Prescription

    by Carolyn Shea

    Thousands of Evergreen alumni have gone on to work in health careers: diagnosing, treating, administering round-the-clock care, and meeting the myriad medical needs of the people who depend on their expertise, from newborns to the terminally ill.

  • From the Lab to the World

    by Carolyn Shea

    The secrets of tuberculosis persistence. A new approach to treating cancer. The reasons why certain populations are precluded from getting the health care they need.
  • Choosing to Care

    by Ann Mary Quarandillo

    "Medical school is tough, and getting in is tougher," says Evergreen faculty member Paula Schofield, a chemist who advises students who are pursuing careers in medicine. "But for the many Greeners educating the next generation of medical professionals, it is definitely worth the struggle."
  • Greeners Working for Better Health

    by Ann Mary Quarandillo

    Pam MacEwan ’76, Group Health’s executive vice president for public affairs and governance, found herself in the national spotlight, featured on National Public Radio as well as radio and newspaper reports across the country.

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