In Memoriam

From 1971 to 1996, Evergreen’s Francis Leo Daugherty taught what he loved—literature and linguistics.
Photo of Leo Daugherty

Leo Daugherty, May 16, 1939 – April 7, 2015. Daugherty was an early member of Evergreen’s faculty, part of the Class of ’72.

A published author and beloved teacher, Daugherty continued his teaching at the University of Virginia after leaving Evergreen. He passed away peacefully on April 7, 2015 at the age of 75.

While colleagues and friends noted that he was an ace at the poker table, and could rock the piano like nobody’s business, Daugherty found his calling as a wordsmith. The Assassination of Shakespeare’s Patron: Investigating the Death of the Fifth Earl of Derby and William Shakespeare, Richard Barnfield, and the Sixth Earl of Derby, were his prized publications.

Faculty member Bob Haft described Daugherty as “a true ‘Southern Gentleman,’ with a delightful Virginian drawl and that seemingly unmanageable moustache, which was often hiding a knowing grin.”

In addition, said Haft, “he was a raconteur of the first order, able to keep both students and colleagues spellbound with the tales he told to illustrate points in his lectures.”

In a resolution presented by the Board of Trustees conferring emeritus status on Leo, he was recognized as an important contributor to the vital life of the curriculum, faculty development, and student motivation.

He taught programs such as Great Books, Human Development, Dreams and Poetry, Sociobiology, and Shakespeare and the Age of Elizabeth.

He is survived by his wife, Lee Graham ’76, daughter Ginnie Daugherty, three grandsons, and multiple loved ones and family members.

In Memoriam

Ruth L. Aldridge ’82, February 24 at age 93. She was a teacher, a seamstress, and worked as a civil engineering technician.

Donald S. Berman, July 30 at age 85. He taught filmmaking courses and gave lectures at many universities, including Evergreen.

Jennifer L. Brooks ’05, September 8 at age 41. She worked as a beautician for 21 years.

Kevin L. Christensen ’91, February 10 at age 50. He was a member of the American Power Boat Association. He loved tunnel boat and hydroplane racing.

William E. Cleland ’79, May 23 at age 60. He worked as a public health advisor, retiring in 2010 after 30 years of service to Washington State.

Cynthia P. Cooper ’79, April 20 at age 63. After graduation, she studied law at Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, Ore.

Roberta L. Curfman ’77, April 25 at age 87. She was a contractor and homebuilder. She also worked as an educator, census worker, floral designer, and for the Department of Labor and Industries.

Patricia J. Fencl ’85, July 16 at age 85. She taught at Clark College in Vancouver, Wash., helping adult students earn their GED certificates.

Ozell Gaines, Jr., February 26 at age 79. His employment included working in recruitment at Evergreen.

Joseph L. Iski ’89, May 11 at age 49. He was a social worker in the Philadelphia area.

Zane K. Lambert, February 2 at age 87. He served on the original planning committee for Evergreen.

Nancy (Cullen) Lang ’92, August 2 at age 74. She was a management consultant in team building for various organizations in Connecticut, Florida, and Washington.

Jeanette Lilja ’82, April 16 at age 69. She worked for the Department of Social and Health Services, Labor and Industries, and finally as Worker’s Compensation Director for 26 school districts.

Gregory W. Logan ’76, May 28 at age 70. After joining the U.S. Army Reserve as a paratrooper, he went on to a career as a correctional officer at McNeil Island.

Linda M. Lombard ’72, April 2 at age 75. She was a fiscal management analyst with Washington State Department of Social and Health Services.

Markthor R. MacFarlane, March 7 at age 61. His teaching career included sustainable design at Evergreen.

Roosevelt Martin ’81, April 1 at age 79. He was in the Army from 1951 to 1975. After his military service, he worked in law enforcement.

Frank Mullen ’97, July 7 at age 65. In addition to serving on the board of the United Cook Inlet Drift Association in Alaska, he worked to develop solutions in fish conservation and marine navigation and safety.

Madison Pearce ’13, February 1 at age 23. She worked as a nanny; created her own greeting card company, Lenox & Lucy; and worked as a counselor for severely burned children at Camp Phoenix.

Elaine H. Prowse ’78, July 14 at age 77. She spent many years as a nurse in critical care at St. Peter Hospital.

Barbara F. Roder ’82, February 18 at age 72. She owned and operated her own bookkeeping business; she then worked as an educational assistant in the Centralia and Olympia School Districts.

Shirley M. (Andringa) Ryder ’87, April 27 at age 66. She had a long career with the Girls Scouts of America Association and went on to build a chain of Shur-Kleen Car Washes.

Kevin Sanders ’76, October 12, 2014 at age 62. He was co-founder of Seattle’s Headway Drop-In Center and Youth Advocate Program. He then worked at Boeing for more than 30 years.

George S. Shader ’98, June 9 at age 45. He was a munitions systems specialist for the U.S. Air Force before teaching English in China for many years.

William H. Smith, May 2 at age 65. He was a graduate teacher of comparative cultures at Oregon State University, and then taught linguistic anthropology at Chemeketa Community College in Salem, Ore.

Amy L. Stock ’96, July 19 at age 47. She was employed as an adjunct lecturer in Environmental Studies at SUNY Empire State College, as a grant writer for Capital Roots, and as a freelance writer.

Vina (Walters) Strachan ’86, September 3 at age 87. She worked for Washington state government as a personnel manager at the Department of Corrections, Department of Social and Health Services, and the Office of the Attorney General.

Jan Van Hess ’91, April 25 at age 61. He loved singing in choral groups and acting in musical theater.

Vickie S. Villa ’02, July 27 at age 60. She worked as a legal secretary and interpreter, and went on to work as a drug and alcohol counselor.

Stephen J. Weedman ’76, November 10, 2014 at age 65. He made a career of organic farming and had passions for surfing and photography.

Mar-Le Wendt ’92, July 10 at age 92. She was a member of the U.S. Navy Waves during World War II and worked for the American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association, and the state of California.

Jeanne M. White ’88, Jan 13 at age 66. She excelled at a variety of creative endeavors, including jewelry making, stained glass, quilting, drawing, printing, fabric dyeing, and ceramics