Evergreen Magazine Spring 2012

Spring 2012

Celebrating 40 Years of Evergreen

Forty years ago, the members of the Class of 1972 triumphantly collected their diplomas from the first public four-year college created in Washington in the 20th century. Beneficiaries of the efforts of a group of determined visionaries who dared to think beyond the norm, these trailblazing graduates have since been joined by more than 40,000 others whose dreams of a different type of higher education have been fulfilled.

This year we’re celebrating Evergreen’s coming of age, from a fledgling college to a leader in the type of interdisciplinary education that more and more institutions are seeking to offer. As we forge ahead, we remember that our achievements and successes are embodied in the community we’ve built over the past four decades. In this issue, we highlight a few of the leaders in that ever-growing community who have made their marks in media, science, health, and technology, and we take an admiring look at some of things we love best about this place.

Please visit our 40th website, check out the events happening throughout the year, and plan to celebrate with us at our Return to Evergreen event in May.

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