“In the Spirit” Contemporary Native Art Exhibit and Market 2013

In the Spirit: Contemporary Native Art Exhibit

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June 8 - August 18, 2013

Come view the work of some of the best contemporary Native artists in the Northwest! The works of twenty-one artists, whose pieces have been juried into this competitive exhibition, will be on display at the Washington State History Museum, located at 1911 Pacific Avenue in downtown Tacoma.

Prizes for Best of Show, Honoring the Northwest, Honoring Tradition, Honoring Innovation, Legacy Gallery Print Prize and the People's Choice are awarded each year. See this year's winners below! All museum visitors may vote for their favorite work for the for the People's Choice Award - the winner will be announced at the festival on August 17th!

See more information on visiting the museum or download a poster.

In the Spirit: Northwest Native Art Market and Festival

August 17, 2013 10:00am - 7:00pm

Free Museum Admission All Day!

You are invited to the In the Spirit Native Arts Market and Festival, an exciting day of performances by a variety of talented musicians and dancers representing indigenous peoples from all over.

Performance Stage

Emcee Michael Vendiola

Emcee: Michael Vendiola

10:00am - 10:15am - Blessing with Violet Capoeman, Quinault Junior Princess will open and indroduce the Puyallup Canoe Family in Quinault.

10:30am - 11:30am - Puyallup Canoe Family presents music of the Northwest Coast using hand drums and vocals.

Puyallup Canoe Family

11:30am - 12:30pm - Haandei I Jin, a Tlingit dance group led by Jack Strong. Haandei I Jin means "let me take your hand" in Tlingit. Two of the dancers made a box drum in the Longhouse bentwood box drum making class and will be using that new drum in their performance. The dancers are from Klukwan, Hoonah, and Klawock.

12:30pm - 1:30pm - Rona Yellowrobe Walsh is a Cree and African American flute player and singer. Rona's family is First Nation Cree from Saskatchewan, Canada, and she is also an enrolled member of the Chippewa Cree Tribe of Rocky Boy,Montana.

Rona YellowRobe Walsh

1:30pm - 2:30pm - Cochise Anderson is an actor, storyteller and musician.

2:30pm - 3:30pm - Alaska Kuteeyaa Dancers, led by Florentino "Tiny" Barril, this dance group is comprised of multiple generations of several tribes from Alaska, Tlingit,Haida, and others.

3:30pm - 3:50pm - Awards Ceremony and People's ChoiceHaandei i jin dance troupee Award winner announced

4:00pm - 5:00pm - Rocking Horse Drum - Big Pow wow drum led by Anthony Blue Horse

Kuteeya Dancers

Vince Redhouse5:00pm - 6:00pm - Vince Redhouse is a Dine (Navajo) flute player from the famous musical Redhouse family. He was trained on classical flute and has adapted popular and classical songs to Native flute. He makes his own flutes and also teaches people how to play.

Arts Market

The In the Spirit Native Arts Market and Festival is a wonderful venue for browsing and purchasing one of a kind gifts and art from the finest Native artists and craftspeople in our region. Baskets and weaving, clothing, jewelry, prints and carvings are just some of the items that will be for sale!


  • Denise Emerson (Skokomish) *
  • Vickie Era (Alutiiq) *
  • Linley Logan (Seneca) *
  • Kaila Farrell-Smith (Klamath) *
  • Michelle Price (Navajo) *
  • Bobbie Bush (Chehalis)
  • Autumn Shotridge (Tlingit)
  • Vince Redhouse (Navajo) **
  • Earl Livermore (Blackfeet)
  • Linda Levier (Cowlitz)
  • Jimmy Price (Port Gamble S'Klallam) ***
  • Jeffery Verrege (Port Gamble S'Klallam) *
  • Jeanette Huber/ April Romero (Apache)
  • Mandy McCullough (White Earth Ojibwe)
  • Bill James Tsi'li'xw (Lummi)
  • Charlie Bloomfield (Pyramid Lake Paiute) *
  • Tanya Markistum (Makah)
  • Malynn Foster (Squaxin)
  • Andy Peterson (Skokomish)




In the Spirit is organized through a partnership with the Longhouse Education and Cultural Center and the Washington State Historical Society. It is generously supported by the Bamford Foundation, media sponsor, KUOW-FM, the Nisqually Tribe, the Tacoma Arts Commission, and the Tulalip Tribe.




For more information, contact Laura Grabhorn at (360)867-6431 email Laura Grabhorn.

In the Spirit Artists

Chholing Taha (Cree First Nation)

Chholing Taha We Pull TogetherWe Pull Together

24" x 33"


Arches heavy watercolor paper, acrylic paints, archival inks

Chholing Taha Blue Sky Shawl Blue Sky Shawl

56" (Display Folded)


Wool, silk, ultra-suede, crystals, hand cut fringes

Jack Sabon (Ahtna Athabascan)

Jack Sabon The Artist DreamingThe Artist Dreaming

20" x 20"


Oil on Canvas

Kaila Farrell-Smith (Klamath)

Kaila Farrell Smith Wocus GatherersWocus Gatherers

42" x 60"


Oil, oil bars, gesso on canvas

*Winner of the "Honoring the Northwest" Award

Kaila Farrell Smith Lavafield StrongholdLavafield Stronghold

40" x 30"


Oil, oil bars, gesso on canvas

Joe Seymour (Squaxin Island/ Acoma Pueblo)

Joe Seymour Thunderbird RisingThunderbird Rising

27" x 34"


Acrylic on paper

Ramon Murillo (Shoshone-Bannock)

Ramon Murillo Poetic JusticePoetic Justice

13" x 12"


Ink, acrylic on canvas

Linley Logan (Seneca)

Linley Logan Recycled Flying HeadRecycled Flying Head

27" x 19" x 16"


Recycled detergent jug, plastic milk containers, wiggly eyes

*Winner of the "Honoring Innovation" Award

Linley Logan Dew Eagle Strike the SkyDew Eagle Strike the Sky

9" x 12"


Inked and embossed linoleum relief

Jeffrey Verrege (Port Gamble S'Klallam)

Jeffrey Verrege Alien


16" x 20"


Mixed media giclee, pearlescent pain on paper

Jeffrey Verrege Cybertron Copper

Cybertron Copper

17" x 11"


Oak, styrene, enamel, acrylic, spray paint, primer, glue

Tamela Ruth Laclair (Skokomish)

Spiritual Healing

28" x 22"


Acrylic, pencil on paper

Fox Spears (Karuk)

Fox Spears Yupatrih

Yupatrih (Eyelash)

10" x 24"



Fox Spears Yupipih

Yupipih (Eyebrow)

10" x 24"




Heather Johnson-Jock (Jamestown S'Klallam) 

Heather Johnson Jock

Gifts of the Forest

74" x 48"


Hand-spun wool

Misty Kalama-Archer (Puyallup)

Misty Kalama Archer Salish Woman of Wealth

Salish Woman of Wealth High Class Robe

5' x 4'


wool (weft and warp), beaver fur

chief's lightning regaliaChief's Lightning Regalia

3' x 4.5'


Wool/ wool blend hand dyed & hand spun yarn, abalone shell buttons, deer hooves 'dew claws' 

*Winner of the Honoring Tradition Award


Michelle Price (Navajo)

Michelle Price Button Robe

Da-He-Tih-Hi Button Robe

47" x 64"


Wool, abalone buttons

Pete Peterson (Skokomish)

Grouse Gathers Council

12" x 14"


Maple, acrylic, cedar bark, steel

Shadoot'laa Tinaa'yeil Gunaaxoo' Kwaan (Tlingit)

Lorene Hanlon Rafvens Fourth Winter

Yeili daax'oondaheen taakw (Ravens' Fourth Winter)

13" x 8"


Wool, yellow cedar, ermine, otter, elk hide

*Winner of Best of Show

Lorene Hanlon Salmon wrist wrap

Teel du ch'aatwu A daawsi.axw du jika (Dog Salmon Wrist Wrap)

4" x 4" x 3.5"


Dog salmon skin, seed beads, abalone

Vicki Era (Alutiiq/ Koniag)

Vicki Era Cotton on Rye

Cotton on Rye

11.5" x 3" x 3"


Elymus mollis (beach rye grass), brown raffia, yarn, blue glass and erophorum (wild Alaska cotton)

Therresa White (Yup'ik)

Therresa White Walrus Dance Transformation

11" x 9" x 16"



Denise Emerson (Skomomish/ Dine)

Denise Emerson Seaweed Gatherers

Seaweed Gatherer

6" x 8"


Seed beads, suede, leather, bone

*Winner of the Legacy Gallery Print Prize


Rebecca Feld (Pyramid Lake Paiute)

Rebecca Feld Honor Cord

Paiute Diamond Honor Cord

8' x 2'


seed beads, felt fabric

Heather Genia (Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate)

Heather Genia Redemption


40" x 32" x 1"


Mat board, fabric, acrylic, glue, ink

Lillian Pitt (Warm Springs. Wasco, Yakama)

Lillian Pitt Spirit Bird Transformation

Spirit Bird Transformation

14" x 8" x 5"


Cast red New Zealand lead crystal, steel, wood

Charlie Bloomfield (Pyramid Lake Paiute)

Charlie Bloomfield The Only Good Indian

The Only Good Indian is a Dead Indian

6' x 3' x 4"


Pre-hung door and knob, photograph

* Winner of the People's Choice Award