Longhouse Catalogs

Hitéemlkiliiksix: Within the Circle of the Rim

Nations Gathering on Common Ground


(96 pages)


"....readers of this catalog will immediately appreciate the unique complexity of this body of work."

—Ann McCormack (Nez Perce)

This catalog of art was an accompaniment to the 2002 Hitéemlkiliiksix Traveling Exhibit, sponsored by the Longhouse. The exhibit traveled throughout the United States and was featured at the Rotorua Museum in New Zealand. Seventy-seven Indigenous artists, representing 38 tribal nations along the Pacific Rim, showcased their work at the first-ever United States-based Gathering of Indigenous Visual Artists of the Pacific Rim at The Evergreen State College, in 2001. Featured works included those in the areas of carving, weaving, printmaking, pottery and painting. 


Cultural Luminaries: Illuminating the Past, Lighting the Way into the Future

The Artist-in-Residence Program at the “House of Welcome” Longhouse Education and Cultural Center


(96 pages)


"Why is art important to those who are artists? Because it allows us to sing without a song, to give our true spirit into something we create out of something nature has given us."

—Gerald "Bruce" subiyay Miller (Skokomish), (1944 - 2005)

This art catalog documents a series of Artist-in-Residence workshops organized by the Longhouse and funded by the Ford Foundation. The following residencies and lead artists are featured in this publication:
  • Soul Recovery Installation—Gerald “Bruce” subiyay Miller (Skokomish), with CHiXapkaid Michael Pavel (Skokomish)
  • Clay Works—Lillian Pitt (Warm Springs/Wasco/Yakama) and Jim Jackson (Klamath)
  • Digital Imaging—Larry McNeil (Tlingit/Nisga’a)
  • Relief Printmaking—Melanie Yazzie (Diné/Navajo)
  • Glass Works—Preston Singletary (Tlingit)
  • Salish Carving—Susan Point (Musqueam) with Andrea Wilbur-Sigo (Squaxin Island)

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