Student Residences: M301-M319 (Apartment Style)

A complex of 19 modular duplexes is located a 15 minute walk east of the central campus Core. These buildings are maintained by Housing Maintenance, with support of Facilities Services as requested. The Mods, originally designed as temporary structures, are constructed of wood and have a more residential atmosphere than the residence halls. Each Mod contains two two-bedroom apartments housing five students each.

Drawings & Floor Plans: For Contractors Only—if needed, please contact Assistant Director of Residential Facilities, Mark Lacina, (360) 867-6107.


Official Name
Student Residences: M301-M319 (Apartment Style)
Square Footage
1,971 square feet
3040 Wild Current Loop

Building History

Date of Construction: 1971

Architect: St. Regis Fabricated Structures